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Mercury Retrograde’s Wrinkle in Time

My mother’s mother was not a cozy person. This was to be expected, for no one in my family was cozy. I did not understand I was the type of person who clamored for coziness until I was much older, and by then I’d acquired so many sharp edges that scarcely anyone wished to be cozy with me. This, I believe, is how cat ladies are bred, not born, although I prefer to refer myself as a cat woman. Perhaps this is what happened to my grandmother, as well. Certainly she shared an army-buddy solidarity with her cat Calico that the rest of us never experienced with her.

I’m not sure if I longed for my grandmother’s love or simply to be my grandmother. Alice May, as her few remaining peers called her, was the only true adult in my family, and I duly deferred to her. More than that, I revered her, though at age 11 I already towered over her. Somehow her diminutive stature only made her seem more powerful, as if she were as wise and as peculiarly packaged as Yoda himself. Come to think of it, with her big blue eyes and large, gnarled hands and sunken mouth (Alice May’s dentures never quite fit), she looked like Yoda overall. To the Star Wars-obsessed child I was, the effect was amazing, if utterly subliminal.

As evidenced above, I have finally begun working on my book again. This makes sense, for Mercury Retrograde is an ideal time to revisit long-simmering projects. (The negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde in Aries have been fully documented on this blog lately.) Stay posted, dear Sirenaders, and feel free to cheer me on; I could use your good wind. Feel free to request my cheering in the form of a Ruby Intuition session as well, for Mercury Retrograde is an ideal time to tune into the divine intelligence of the universe, and I love reading for people during these times.

Mars and Me Enraged

I just came home from a bad night a bad week a bad year so far, who am I kidding? Stopped at the bar at the corner before I came back because I had no booze in the house and it seemed wise to take the edge off all the pistons misfiring–the fight I had tonight, the hot-hot-hot flamenco to which I bore witness, the revelation that my burning love for someone had been a tiny subplot in his burning love for someone else. So yes tequila tequila before entering my house. (Don’t want to scare Grace.) Continue Reading →

Mercury Retrograde Rehab

Mercury retrograde, Mercury retrograde, Mercury retrograde! Sing it to the tune of “Marcia Marcia Marcia!” because we all feel like high-strung Jan Brady when the planet of travel and communication travels backward. The truth, of course, is all astrological transits have strengths and challenges, and this one–beginning today and lasting until April 15– is no exception.

Back up your electronics and release any attachments to business as usual. (Exhibit A: Today’s urine snow-soaked commute.) Choose your words carefully and listen especially well, since this retrograde takes place in hot-headed Aries. And expect a lot of tension, since Mars, the god of war and the ruler of Aries, prefers to forge forward, and this is a better time to revisit old patterns and projects than begin new ones. But Aries is about self-empowerment and personal identity, so these three weeks will offer a very useful crash course in getting out of own way. It may feel like ripping off a Band-Aid, but there’s nothing so gratifying as unveiling a healed wound.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy