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Sweet and Steady: Taurus New Moon

Tonight’s new moon in Taurus only deepens the beautiful magic we’ve been experiencing since the sun entered this sign on April 20, especially since Uranus also enters it now. New moons invite us to take stock, and Taurus is all about tangible resources–what we can taste, touch, spend, feel. So it’s a good time to evaluate your daily routines. What small habit can you modify? How can you work more nature and pleasure  into your daily life? What shadow Taurus energies (materialism, laziness, stubbornness) can you release? And, since steadfast Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, how can you stabilize your relationships with more faith, grace, sensuality, patience, and ritual? Be like Taurus goddess Cher in Moonstruck: Take your sweet, sweet time.

Tesseracts and Tree Nymphs

Up before the sun so I can properly greet her when she arrives. Settled on a screened-in country porch with coffee, permakitten and I sniffing that sweet, sweet air. Grateful, so grateful. The birds singing a song so true I don’t want to interrupt but am feeling Joni strongly today. (Is she close to slipping away entirely? is she simply the goddess of early morning melody?) Ladies of the Canyon is added to their symphony and then–

Grace doing her yoga mistress poses–she’s got those down–me reaching toward that peach and pink horizon, hands in the air, toes in the wet grass.

It’s still Taurus season, and I’m upstate at A’s as of yesterday.  I needed to be put in my place by wood nymphs, birds, big blue sky.

It got hot so fast this week in New York. In general, my favorite city has never been keen on interstices. Fur hats one day, bare shoulders the next–tempers rising, horns honking. So it was that the glorious kerfuffle of a NYC summer boiled over in the course of one day. Continue Reading →

May Day Magic

May Day! May Day! May 1 is my favorite day of the year. As a labor activist it is when we celebrate workers rights. As a witch it is the festival of Beltane, when nature’s transformational powers are released. Since we’re knee-deep in the practical magic of Taurus season, it makes sense to celebrate both.

As the wonderful astrologer Virginia Bell says, this is the day to renew our commitment to the earth and to the deepest part of ourselves. So make sure to duck outside today and offer the heavens gratitude, maybe a few wishes too. It’s a “help thanks wow” moment for sure.

Awash in Mother Mary blue and sea green, lilac and peony pink, juicy holiness can be found at every corner. I have placed flowers all over my apartment, dressed as a landlocked mermaid (Yemaya at your service) and will repair to the botanical gardens when my writing’s done. Shadows always lurk but it’s important to celebrate this big butterfly light–in ocean, wind, sun, soil, you.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy