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Scorpio’s Splintering Ceilings

Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Scorpio, Sun in Scorpio, new moon in Scorpio. With all these planets in the sign of reckoning and power, you can feel the ground shifting beneath your feet even if you don’t believe in astrology. In our individual lives, in our country, in the heavens themselves, what lurks below has been exploding in our faces for months now. But with Scorpio now looming in planets of love and manifestation, identity and emotionality, we’re finally seeing the power balance shift—-to glimpse the fetid core of patriarchy itself. Continue Reading →

Space Crone Mermaid Vs Full Taurus Moon

Sirenaders, here was my full moon night: I scrubbed and shined and vaccumed the whole house because no one likes a spotless hearth like a Taurus moon and because godfamily is rolling into town and why not make them as welcome as humanly possible? Then I’d thought I’d set the alarm for the automatic drip but set it to brew instead, which meant I had to pour a full carafe into a thermos and set up the coffeemker once again because God forbid I start tomorrow without freshfreshfresh coffee. Then I couldn’t find my boots anywhere and finally went outside to discover they were flung outside my car’s drivers seat door, which also had been flung open all day. “OKAY, full moon,” I said. “I get it. YOU BAR BUSINESS AS USUAL.” In one fluid motion, I stepped into my boots and car, and drove, high beams glaring, Coffee FM* blaring, down the winding, unlit road to the beach. To lean in rather than lean out. To do what I might never get to do again. To pay homage to the beaver moon’s stop-everything-and let-it-go-let-it-go bewitchery right alongside the tide it was changing. Continue Reading →

The Temple of Rosh HaLunar

New moon, new moon, new moon! I haven’t been this excited for a moon in a dog’s age, and it’s appearing in hyper-controlling Virgo just as ocean god Neptune opposes Mercury and Mars in Virgo, and Venus sits pretty in this sign as well. What does it all mean? That this lunar cycle is less about tossing what doesn’t work and more about making cozy, clean order out of what does–even if it’s as nebulous and dreamy as Neptune himself. I complain about Virgo all the time, but the truth is she’s the healer of the zodiac. We feel safe and seen under her g-d-is-in-the-details gaze even when we rebel against the boundaries she sets. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy