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Loneliness in Furs (Astro PSA)

Ken, the guy who fixes everything in my landlord’s buildings, just fixed all the lights in my high-ceilinged apartment. There was a time when I did that myself just to prove I could take care of everything. That time has passed, especially given how fragile the fixtures are in my house, how accident-prone this bruja can be when she’s sad, and how Mercury retrograde likes to bullock electricity.

Before he came over, I cleaned my house thoroughly for the first time since [sadness fills this blank]. Now my house is so sparkling and shiny that Grace has consented to share her belly as well as her most operatic purr. She’s so beautiful that she doesn’t deign to adorn ugly spaces. Continue Reading →

Nursing Monday (Mercury Retrograde Gloom)

The light was soft and sweet today, the weather a little warmer than it’s been the last few weeks. Still, it was Monday and I’ve not been able to do much of anything on Mondays since daylight savings began. I went downstairs and drank coffee with the Italians and then climbed back upstairs to listen to the school kids arrive across the street. For a long time Grace and I sat together on the window seat.

Oh, for sure Mercury has been having its way with me. All the lights in the house are broken. My outgoing voicemail greeting isn’t working. My car tire is flat.

But today I accepted all this almost too willingly. The isolation, the immobilization, the gloom felt—well, it felt cozy. Continue Reading →

Words That Help (Venus Goes Direct)

“Mother and Child,” by Milton Avery

So says Andrew Vachss: “If you are a victim of emotional abuse, there can be no self–help until you learn to self–reference. That means developing your own standards, deciding for yourself what “goodness” really is. Adopting the abuser’s calculated labels—”You’re crazy. You’re ungrateful. It didn’t happen the way you say”—only continues the cycle. Adult survivors of emotional child abuse have only two life–choices: learn to self–reference or remain a victim. When your self–concept has been shredded, when you have been deeply injured and made to feel the injury was all your fault, when you look for approval and love from those who can not or will not provide it—you play the role assigned to you by your abusers. It’s time to stop playing that role, time to write your own script. Victims of emotional abuse carry the cure in their own hearts and souls. Knowing you deserve to be loved and respected and empowering yourself with a commitment to try is much more than half the battle. And it is never too soon—or too late—to start.”

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy