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New Moon, Old Goat

Tonight we usher in a new moon in Capricorn, just as we land at the midpoint of Mercury retrograde in the same sign. This is an opportunity to set soul goals—nothing pedestrian, mind you, but the deepest shit, the common denominator of our many incarnations, the stuff we were put on Earth this time around to accomplish. Questions to ask: What do my head and heart agree I should do? How am I best of service? Cardinal Capricorn is the make-it-happen-captain energy, and with Sun, Moon, and Mercury retrograde currently in this sign, it’s high time to figure out how to put your meaning where your money is—or at least your money where your mouth is. Enjoy the vibration, because god knows you have no choice but to submit to its ancient, Saturnine lessons. As a Capricorn with an appreciation for the absurd, I love this moment madly. So the brilliant witch Cat Cabral and I read each other’s cards and called each other’s bluff among a swoon of roasted chicken, vino, candles, and a certain overfamiliar presiding for good measure. This is how you walk the Cappie talk: Embrace your coven, release what doesn’t shine on your celestial frequency, and, for heaven’s sake, say it, don’t spray it.

Longest Night, Strongest Light

Winter solstice winter solstice winter solstice. To me, it’s the most magical day of the year—the longest night pierced by the greatest light. For to find ourselves in such looming darkness we require extraordinary light. Miracles, in fact. Early Christians decided to celebrate Jesus’ birthday this time of year not just to override the pagans (boo) but because now—when the sun shines so seldom, when the earth is so barren—we must be most pregnant with faith. It is the same faith that kept the oil burning for eight days for the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. And it is the same faith that reminds us love can subsume any black hole. Here at this turning point of the year and of our country, on this hardest and holiest of days, we are in the most dire need of faith. We must listen, we must light, and we must love.

Sea Goat, Still

Mercury retrograde begins today, just in time for the challah-daze and the electoral college to cast their vote. Yes, yes: back up your electronics, buy travel insurance, release all expectations of business as usual. But because this retrograde is taking place in old-soul, mastermind Capricorn, accept that this will be a quiet, contemplative time–a moment of sobriety metaphorically if not literally. The retrograde doesn’t end until January 8, so I’d advise shying away from serious decadence, especially for New Years Eve. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to reflect on the hardest year in recent memory—the lessons learned, the paths to build. Embrace the energy of the sea goat rather than the mountain goat, which is to say: pursue spiritual wisdom rather than earthly gains. As always, I send love and light to all.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy