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Salutations and Solar Returns

Today is my solar return, though according to the Christian calendar my birthday is tomorrow. I share this day (technically January 19) with three women whom I consider geniuses, cultural alchemists, phoenixes who make art from their ashes so as not to waste an inch of this Earth’s precious resources. Sweet and sour Janis Joplin died young—she burned herself right up at age 27, talk about economical—but Dolly Parton and Cindy Sherman keep reinventing themselves with a pixie purity and a fulsome smarts that I only hope is my true legacy. Continue Reading →

The Cure for Anything Is Salt Water

The full moon in Cancer arrived a few hours ago and I know because I woke weeping. This is an aspect that opens us to our intuitive abilities and also our deepest feelings—the sweetest ones, the sorest ones. Cancer is all about the home, so we are asked: What feels like home? More to the point, who feels like home? As is true for many from broken lines, opening my heart—and my hearth—is the hardest thing to do, and I react badly when my welcome mat is muddied through carelessness or cruelty. Today I feel the full weight of those miscommunications and unkindnesses— my own as well as others. So I am doing the only thing I can when energy lines are blocked. I am cleaning, literally and metaphorically. Straightening your house—scrubbing it, saging it, shining it—is the best way to let go of what’s not yours to keep. More to the point, it’s the best way to make room for love and light. May your hearth sparkle like the cleanest of mirrors. The cleanest of windows, too. Painting: Diann Blevins

Message From a Capricorn Psychic

I need a month–nay, a week!–in which no one who obviously needs therapy tells me that they don’t need therapy because they do iowaska. I am an intuitive, and absolutely believe in the revelations offered by such experiences. But I also believe in the rigor and incremental changes of regular old therapy. God knows the work I do only increases my need for it. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy