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Maahes for the Rest of Us

The intuition sessions I conduct in mid-summer are so lush. Everything we love most about July comes through–spirits we’d never otherwise meet; a sweet, wild verdancy demanding that we love and be loved without limits. Today I had a client who was awash in really beautiful leonine energy. She was of female body but, as our culture is finally learning, this did not preclude her highly evolved masculinity. We did our work and by “we” I do not just mean me and this beautiful lion person but also my familiar, the tiny cat known as Grace. As this client left, a lion-spirit came through so clearly that I went online and found an image of him. Meet Maahes, the Ancient Egyptian solar god who only fought in the name of social justice. One translation of his name is “True Before Her.” A gentle warrior who defers to the divine feminine? So grateful to meet him, especially as it seems he’s already befriended my permakitten. What is channeled in my office is never just for the people who enter it. Today it’s for everyone seeking a different model for male behavior. For Americans, in other words. Earthlings.

The Church of Thoreau

All day I’ve been writing about Henry David Thoreau, whose 200th birthday would have been July 12th. I am shocked by how much I have to say about him and the other Transcendentalists. It’s as if, growing up within miles of Walden Pond, I picked up their combination of puritanism and unadorned joy through sheer osmosis. “Something in the water,” indeed. But more than that, Thoreau’s less-is-more” self-reliance and environmental philosophy is so, so precious in this moment in which we’re being held hostage by more-is-more maniacs.

NYC, My Heart: East River Ferry Edition

This is Rosa and Vera. Both are Jews who fled Nazi Germany, emigrated to Argentina, and eventually made their way to New York City, where they have rent-controlled apartments, speak four languages, and take long walks every day. I met these longtime friends while waiting for the East River Ferry at 34th street. All three of us were fretting because the ferry were delayed, and bonded when they found out I was a card-carrying feminist who hated Trump as much as they did. “How do people not see this is what happened to us in Germany?” Vera wailed. I felt ashamed that they should survive so much only to witness later generations forgetting everything. “Past is present,” said Rosa, clasping my wrist. Then she complimented my Audrey Hepburn glasses. “With this style, you’ll find a new job soon.” “What are you doing in Brooklyn today?” I asked, admiring her pretty necklace in turn. “Well, we thought we’d sit by the Promenade and then stroll down to Sahadi’s,” she said. “Just because the world treats 80-year-old women like they’re invisible doesn’t mean we don’t like to do things.” Meeting these two birds is why I’ll never leave New York.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy