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Fall Back, Fall Back

By Lee Krasner

Daylights Saving Time today. Most view it as an extra hour of sleep. I view it as an extra hour of night.

In my head it’s a rhythm, a mantra, a sick, squalid croon. It’s why the Legend and I have fallen into old habits–him coming around only when it suits him, never ushering me into his world. Me swallowing whatever crumbs he offers, blowing up badly when they become indigestible.

Fall back, fall back.

The light is more beautiful, also more precious. There’s so little of it, you see. Precious little.

Yesterday I met with my eldest goddaughter on the Upper East Side. Both of us live in Brooklyn but make formal friendship dates as we’re getting acquainted as adults. She is in her early 30s and I am in my late 40s, high time we learned to appreciate each other as peers. We met when I was a recent college graduate and she an elementary schooler, so our relationship has undergone serious growing pains over the years. Me relying too heavily on her preternaturally adult wisdom, doing her the same disservice done to me decades before. Continue Reading →

Howl with the Hunter’s Moon

Tonight’s full moon, otherwise known as the hunter’s moon, is absolutely destabilizing, which is the opposite of what we expect from good-citizen, good-life Taurus, where it is taking place. That’s because this moon is conjunct game-changing Uranus while Venus, which rules Taurus, is still retrograde. In lay-lady’s terms, this means we’re being asked–nay, forced–to reassess our personal resources—what we have, what we can summon— and to increase our receptivity, which is what Venus is really about, especially to the divine resources of the universe. So it’s no surprise that today all my tarot readings contained the Empress, the High Priestess, and Nine of Pentacles, otherwise known as Venus in Virgo; powerful icons of radical receptivity, all three. In other words, it’s time for us to open our hearts, minds, wallets, and, dammit, legs lest the Good Mother do it herself. During this season’s major cosmic push and pull, I suggest saging, salt-bathing, majorly unplugging and, of course, scheduling a reading with me if you’re so inclined. Intuitive sessions are especially illuminating in this glow.

Buggin’ Out in Boston and the BK

It began with bug bites. Actually, it began with an infestation of flies, a nearly literal pox upon my house. My kitchen was clean–I mean, as clean as an un-rehabbed 1940s kitchen ever gets. (See: rent control.) Which is to say things were scrubbed and put away but a film of age and general erosion prevailed. Yes, there was a tiny hole in the window screen but, again, it’s a hole that’s been there for forever and a day. And, yes, temperatures were soaring that day–the kind of grueling heat in which only pests seem to flourish–but it had been nasty hot, slap-you-with-a-dirty-boiling-towel hot for weeks.

So really there was no reason for my kitchen to suddenly be infested with hundreds of flies on that particular day, but that’s what happened. I swear, as I type this, a fly just landed on my computer. And now another one, as if to remind me this story doesn’t already have a moral wrapped in a pretty little bow. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy