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Venus Approaches


July approaches, and peonies still preside on my bedside table though their season used to end in May. I chalk it up to the unseasonably mild weather, and complain not.

The baby doves on my fire escape are not babies anymore but also are still hanging out, peep-peep-peeping while their mother fusses over them like all the other Brooklyn mommies. Every morning as I drink my coffee I watch her nag them into flying a little further while their father observes from on high. Grace watches too, ears flattened, a burr forming low in her throat. Twice I’ve had to snatch her mid-air lest she hurl at them through the screen window; she seems to have located her predatory instincts quite nicely, thank you very much. Continue Reading →

A Few Notes from the Psychic Underground

Generally speaking, I don’t tell anyone I meet in person that I am an intuitive. I may talk about it more than I used to—I have an intuitive practice, after all—but I find that owning up to this skill means I have to contend with everyone’s feelings and theories about psychic phenomena, not to mention allow them to feel superior to me. Often people begin to testify about their own experiences that defy regular logic, as if they are throwing me a bone or sharing a dirty secret. Sometimes they actually ask, “If you’re so psychic, what am I thinking right now?” I try to be patient, I really do. But though these people may not mean any harm, what they are discussing in essence is whether I am full of shit and whether the very concept of psychic phenomena is also full of shit. Believe me or don’t, I want to say. It gives me more of an edge if you don’t. Continue Reading →

Stuck With Grace

Photo on 3-13-16 at 6.44 AMI may the only one around who is genuinely fascinated by everyone’s dreams; I consider them an open door into their secrets, as well as their connection to the spirit world. So I won’t be offended if you skip this account of one I had last night of Miss Grace and some rose bushes. It is drenched in supertext rather than subtext, which may be an occupational hazard of being an intuitive. (All signs in neon, thank ya veddy much.) I do suggest writing down your own dream tomorrow morning if you are still reading, though. Something or someone will show up if you are truly listening.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy