Freelancers: Unite Your Freewheeling Asses!

I’m Little Blogger on the Prairie this week, looking at Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Festival and suffering from wonky old-school Internet connex. Having a fine old time otherwise — which I’ll launch into shortly — but wanted to point all and sundry to Yancey Strickler’s call to freelancers. It’s time we freelancing writers and editors really organized ourselves. Working Today and other freelancers’ unions provide us health insurance but not much else, and recent experiences have brought home the fact that we all need to step up our support for each other. Check out Yancer’s proposal, and email either of us with idears please.

Also, while I’m in the bidness of touting Mr. Strickler’s bloggy, please note his homage to R&B; divadom. Best line: “R&B; was once the milky cleavage of a heaving bosom wailing love notes to the wind; now it’s a navel flatter than the Platygæan Hypothesis getting bossed around by some scrub in a tank-top who’s at a loss on how to love anything other than a girl.” Yes, yes, y’all.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy