On the Blessing of Paying Our Bills

Yes, you read that right. Because in this super-cruddy Covid economy, many of us are having trouble hitting our monthly nut. And I find that, even when we can, the ability to pay our bills is not something we regard as a blessing. Rather, bill-paying looms as a bore—a chore, even.

The truth? While end-stage capitalism often makes unreasonable demands of our resources, humans always have exchanged goods and services for some sort of capital. My point? That it’s wonderfully freeing to be able to pay our own way. That the right to a bank account and wages wasn’t granted to many until late in the last century. And that counting our blessings begets more blessings, because it sends the message to the universe that they are being received so there’s an effective channel through which to send more.

Bottom line? Next time you’re paying your dentist or Con-Ed or even Venmo-ing your pal for last night’s socially distanced dinner, remember to say (whisper, if you feel silly): Thank you, universe, for my ability to pay this bill. Even in this super-cruddy Covid economy, you just may be opening a door for more.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy