O Holiest of Nights

All hail winter solstice–the longest night pierced by the greatest light. This is truly the most magical day of the year, for to find our way out of such looming darkness we must move deeper into the unknown—trust what we can’t see, can’t touch. This is the embodiment of faith, and when we open to its embrace new worlds open up. Miracles, in fact. Early Christians chose to celebrate Jesus’ birthday this time of year not only to colonize pagan celebrations (oy) but because they recognized that when the sunlight is sparsest and the earth most barren, we most need the faith that creates something from nothing. The faith that granted Mary her immaculate birth, that kept the oil burning for eight days for the Maccabees. It is the same faith that reminds us love can subsume even the worst of black holes. Here, at this turning point, on this holiest day in this unholiest of years, we are in dire need of such faith. And the Universe is meeting us halfway, with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn igniting us all as one extraordinary star in the heavens. We must listen, we must light, and we must love. All my heart to each of yours.
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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy