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Freudian Slips and #OscarsSoEclipse

It was the dullest of times. It was the most scintillating of times.

Was it the solar eclipse? Was it a dissatisfied underling thumbing their nose at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers power-that-be? As of this writing, no one really knows why it happened. All we know is that, as the clock crept to twelve o’clock midnight during the most boring Oscars telecast to date, “La La Land” was incorrectly named Best Picture, creating the biggest kerfuffle on live television since November 9, 2016. By the time “Moonlight” received its due, producer/director/writer Barry Jenkins’s acceptance speech was, well, eclipsed by the general confusion waking up audience members who had drifted off during this Tinseltown snoozefest. Continue Reading →


Today’s solar eclipse in Pisces not only coincides with the new moon but with a Uranus-Mars conjunction. All told, this is the astrological equivalent of a 1977 Buzzcocks show. In terms of tonight’s Oscars, expect the unexpected, not to mention a bevy of anti-establishment speeches. (Take it home, Moonlight!) In terms of your personal practice, all new moons are opportunities to set new goals but this particular constellation begs the question: What should I be blowing up? In terms of the U.S., the status quo is so obviously dunzo that the motto—nay, the mandate— is THE ROOF THE ROOF IS ON FIRE. As spring progresses, we’ll build anew but, today, raise high the roofbeams, celestial carpenters! Postscript: Upset was right!

Female Finger Wagging: Oscars Edition

Usually Bill McCuddy and I troll each other but on our Talking Pictures Oscars prediction show, we troll Tr%mp and Hollywood—in that order. Along with Neil Rosen and Perri Nemiroff, we talk scandals, showmanship, sequins, and, of course, our picks for most major categories. Tune into NY1 today (or your local Spectrum station) for our picks of what will and should win; follow my Oscar-night tweets for über-snark, dahlinks.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy