American Growing Pains, Lunar Eclipsed

Barbra Kruger’s proposed flag


For many of us, this Fourth of July doesn’t feel like a cause for celebration. The rot at our country’s core is exploding in our faces. The “independence” we’re meant to commemorate was only intended for those the Founding Fathers deemed fully human (an appallingly small percentage of us). And we’ve already had our fill of fireworks and then some.

Really, it’s no surprise that this year, America’s “birthday” is taking place on the same day we’re experiencing a lunar eclipse in tough-love, karmic taskmaster Capricorn.

Jonathan Horotwitz’s proposed flag

Lunar eclipses reveal shadows and release unhealthy patterns, and this one will be amplified by the USA’s solar return. My suggestion? Take at least part of the day to rally, organize, atone, and learn. America may not be beautiful but change surely is.

This Capricorn psychic will be working all weekend, so book a Zoom session if you’ve been in need of intuitive guidance. The focus? How to better serve yourself and others.

Carl Reiner Told the Truth (1922-2020)

I’m so so so sad Carl Reiner has passed over. His impact on TV, film, and comedy was legion and it was legendary. He worked with everyone from Neil SImon to Lily Tomlin to Steve Martin to Ruth Gordon and made them all funnier–better, really. His CV included Your Show of Shows, All of Me, and Where’s Poppa?–tons and tons of waggish staples. Even in his 90s he was still showing up on screen in the Ocean’s 11 franchise and on page as an author. Even yesterday he still shone such a bright light that he was tweeting what we all thought about 45. Not to mention that Mel Brooks will feel SO ALONE.

Their model of male love–their decades-long commitment to each other and to laughter–hurt my heart in the greatest way. They represented the very best of my tribe (the Jews!) by understanding that being tough and smart didn’t preclude being silly, soft-hearted, and socially just. Really, I wanted Mel and Carl to become the 2,000 Year Old Men. Or at least to live to see Trump leave the White House in handcuffs. (If you’ve never listened to The 2,000 Year Old Man, do yourself a favor and download it. Growing up I listened to it every day after school and it never failed to crack my shit up.)

In work he joyously played second fiddle–even in his masterwork, the Dick Van Dyke Show, modeled after his own family life in New Rochelle, he ceded the central role to Van Dyke whom he generously deemed a “better actor.” Top billing never mattered as much to him as top form because he knew to love long and love well. Thus he remained happily married to the brilliant Estelle from 1948 until her 2008 death. Thus he spawned the brilliant Rob Reiner and a long line of other comical, kind humans. Thus he died at 98 in top form, true to form.

Carl Reiner was a mensch. He was a mitzvah. He will be missed.

Astro PSA with Plenty of Prince

Happy Monday! Usually when people utter this phrase, I feel venomous. But today Mars enters its home sign of Aries, and I’m inspired by this rush of positive, capable energy.

Mars is the planet of courage, ambition, sex drive—desire, basically—and for the last six months it’s been parked precariously in watery, indecisive Pisces. Now it’s raring to go in fire-starter Aries, and ready to fight the good fight! I’m not pretending our immense social justice, environmental, pandemic, and economic problems are going to magically disappear. But this aspect gives us the power and confidence to accomplish our goals, no matter how seemingly unsurmountable the obstacles.

To give you a sense of how paradigm-shifting this aspect can be, Steve Jobs and Prince had Mars in Aries. So over the next six months expect creative, constructive, concrete solutions to our personal and national crises. New business and technological opportunities, powerful social change, and creative Covid-era sex!

I for one am here for it. This week Ruby Intuition readings begin for the first time since May, and I am so excited to tune into the divine again on your behalf. So book a reading or a ritual. It’s time to clear a path.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy