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Astro PSA: Venus and Mars Run Free

Huzzah! Today is a very fine day indeed.

After more than two months, Mars finally goes direct—ending a retrograde that has taught us a lot about our conflicts, management skills, ambitions, desires, and shadows. But this retrograde also been a royal pain in the ass that’s enabled 45 to block a smooth transition of power and broken more than its fair share of teeth, bones, workplqces, and relationships. Mars won’t be back to its normal station til the end of the year, but as soon as this weekend you’re likely to experience smoother negotiations and, uh, sexual healing.

ALSO ALSO ALSO today is Friday the 13th, which according to any cosmology that honors the divine feminine, is a transcendently empowering holiday—Venus Day, essentially. Know that this day has been demonized by the same historical patriarchies that landed 45 on top. So honor rather than fear this beautiful goddess energy, symbolized by the 13 moons in a lunar year. Count your blessings, hatch them for others, and release everything that doesn’t live up to the glorious goddess ethos of truth, love, beauty. Here’s to beautiful change we meet halfway.

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Miss Grace and the Mouse: A Very 2020 Parable

So I’ve been laid up for the last three days with my now-annual autumnal bad back. This year I chalk it up to being a middle-aged woman who danced all Saturday night and then ran a victory lap around lower Manhattan on a broken baby toe. That, and the Slow-Moving Coup the Trump administration is attempting to stage in the shadow of Biden’s inarguable victory. People I love and trust tell me it’s all going to be ok but anyone with genocide in their family lines doesn’t rest easily while a fascist is refusing to cede office.

On every level, in every way, Donald J. Trump’s mic should be cut. No social media. No quotes reported by news outlets. Yes, document the policies he’s pushing through, the terrifying appointments he’s making. But don’t grant his ravings a platform. The amount of chaos and hatred he can still sow is dangerous, if not lethal. Let’s not exacerbate this.

All to say that while I’ve been largely immobile a certain furry roommate has been acting peculiar and finally yesterday gallumphed into my bedroom with a living mouse in her mouth. After triumphantly laying the vermin at my feet, she recommenced chasing it in a dance that went on for two hours–Grace’s happy squawks and the mouse’s fainter squeaks punctuated by the duo’s dashes to where I was, gulp, lying on the floor. This permakitten was in permakitten heaven. I could tell in her mind she even had named this new playmate. “Herman,” maybe–“Hermie” for short. Continue Reading →

Happy Witch Weekend! (Samhain Blue Moon)

Happy witch weekend, dear ones! Not only is today Halloween, the “Coven Christmas,” and Samhain, the festival celebrating the end of harvest and the beginning of the “darker” half of the year. Today is also crowned by a blue moon—the second full moon within a month, named for its rarity and amplified power of release. Known as the Samhain moon, this full moon is in root-building Taurus and is intersected by lightening-bolt Uranus, the rebel who shakes up the status quo. So expect the unexpected, even for Halloween, and open up to the up-ending, especially when it comes to blood lines and—because Taurus is ruled by Venus—love lines. My advice? Ask your guides and dearly departed for as much specific information as you wish. Meditate and journal to fully receive their downloads. And then tomorrow—All Soul’s Day—thank them in whatever way is most meaningful to you.
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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy