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The Bloodbath of Mars Retrograde

Chances are good this post finds you restless, sluggish, furious, and unfocused. This may stem from more than the harsh realities of Covid and Trump’s Reign. It also may be the effect of Mars Retrograde, which began yesterday and lasts until November 13. Like everything else in this unprecedented year, this retrograde offers an explosive crash course in what needs changing.

When a planet goes retrograde, our patterns in its realms come up to be healed by any means necessary. Mars– which rules ambition, desire, and action–in its shadow form translates into “us or them” survival instincts. Think toxic masculinity, greed, brutality, end-stage capitalism, and even a “death cult” mentality. Unmasked MAGA rallies, anyone? It also is associated with eruptions of all sorts–active volcanoes, disruptive weather patterns, and, oy, fires. The devastating forest fires on the West Coast, while clearly caused by climate change, are surging now for a reason.

On an individual level, it’s’ not a great time to launch a business, sexual relationship, or significant physical undertaking. We’re all unusually prone to procrastination, temper tantrums, and injuries—especially in the head and face. Cue dental and skin problems, as well as strokes and concussions. Best to keep it local on every level, minimize spending and exertion, breathe 10 times before posting or commenting. And rest. A lot.

This retrograde is taking place in Aries, which is all about self-assertion and forward motion, so passive-aggression will backfire like nobody’s business. The good news? We’re going to learn what we really want and release physical, erotic, and professional obstacles–not to mention improve our conflict and mood management. This is a good time to pay attention to dreams, do counseling, attend professional workshops, and pursue mindful exercise and masturbation. Get lots and lots of rest.

On a national level, it’s no coincidence–nothing is!–that the most important election in American history is happening now. Surprising absolutely no one, chances are slim that a victor will be announced until Mars goes direct in mid-November. Before then, we very well may experience cultural upheaval on the level of a Civil War.

This is very scary stuff. But in astrology as in life, good and bad always arrive in pairs. And so this time of unprecedented unrest may result in systemic corrections that have been overdue since our Founding Fathers robbed this land from First Nations and kidnapped African people to toil it.

This Mars Retrograde is going to show us new ways to progress–to rise rather than march blindly and brutally forward. But first, to quote filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson: “There will be blood.”

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Astro PSA: Full Moon Mermaids

If you’re feeling the way you normally do one minute before your period starts, or-for the menstrually un-endowed–the way you might after swilling a bottle of wine and watching tiny puppies hug tiny kittens right after listening to Trump’s State of the Union—then you are right on course. Because Pisces is all about feeling every feeling at once—feeling the entire universe at once—and this full moon, also known as the Corn Moon, is here for a big-kahuna emotional release. Happily, it’s happening in Virgo season, which can ground you as even as you collapse into a pile of tears, snot, and (if we’re lucky) more delightful bodily fluids. Even better? This full moon is happy to banish all that stands between you and your creative manifestation. Questions to ask: “Where do I land on the idealism-pragmatism spectrum, and how should I adjust that? How can I reshape my victim mentality (which we’ve all got in some area of our life) into compassion for myself and others?” Sounds like a lot of tasks? Well, babies, this full moon is going to be a lot anyway so you may as well lean in with some Virgo hard work. Just remember: Any ritual tonight should begin with an agreement to open to the loving energies that flow within and around you.

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Astro PSA: Virgo Season in a Pandemic

Isn’t it funny that Virgo season begins at the end of August, when most of us are at our absolute laziest? In fact, I’ve been so lazy that just crafting this post felt like more exertion than I could handle. But that’s exactly why we need this sign.

The hardest worker in the zodiac, Virgo can kick us into gear even when temperatures soar into the 90s and we’re in Month 6 of a pandemic. As a mutable sign, she’s hardly the OCD queen some claim her to be. It’s just that she understands Goddess is in the details, and that straight-ahead service and solicitude is at the backbone of every calling. Truly, she is the finest healer we have and admirably modest no matter how fabulous she may be. After the radical recharging—dare I say self-indulgence?—of Leo season, only the Maiden’s focus and fortitude can keep us fighting the good fight.

So I spent the day writing this, then cleaning up links and language on, and if that isn’t Virgo season work I don’t know what is. Because this sign isn’t about big, showy actions so much as the background business that is necessary to keep the world running smoothly. Virgo is the nurse of the zodiac, and we all know the best healers in hospitals are the nurses, not the rockstar surgeons. (Sorry, Meredith Grey.) Virgos attend to the smallest details to achieve the biggest changes. That’s why during this Virgo season we must register everyone to vote, inspect every polling booth, and nitpick at every official–not to mention the US postal service itself–to lay the necessary foundation for a fair election come Scorpio season. The ultimate Virgo message: Think globally, act locally. 

To refocus, recalibrate, and rev back into your own best service, book a reading; ‘tis the season! (Pictured in this video: Virgos—some admittedly controversial—whose labors of love have changed our lives.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy