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Astro PSA: New Moon in Libra

If you woke feeling unusually optimistic, it could be more than the afterglow of dueling Town Halls that tarnished Trump’s prospects. A new moon in Libra rises today, with the inevitable hopefulness of a fresh start. As the sun is also in this sign, this lunar aspect highlights Libran values of balance and peace, especially in relationships. The only snag: It’s involved in a hairy T square with that Mars retrograde in me-me-me Aries and tough-love Saturn and Pluto in lone-wolf Cappie. So—especially because this is a supermoon—expect interactions over the next days to be supercharged with tensions and emotions (even for Pandemica). Trust me: It’s all to improve our communication and conflict management. Because to survive and thrive over the next few months, we must embrace compromise without codependency, self-possession without selfishness, and disagreement without bloodshed—let alone the denial of anyone’s human rights. So write down one kinship goal on a leaf, then bury it! Let’s see what love grows.

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A Peek Behind the Veil: November 2020

I always have been clear about what I won’t share in readings. I won’t say if someone is going to die or get sick, because scaring is not helping. And if you’re facing a harrowing fork in the road—should I take this job? leave this marriage?—I let astrology, the tarot, and my spidey sense reveal pros and cons of different paths so you can decide for yourself. Why? Because there is no over-estimating the magnificent power of human free will. That said, there are times when karma comes storming in like a bull on cocaine in a china shop, and there’s only one possible outcome.

Case in point? In February, I had such a strong sense of impending doom that I advised every client against travel plans and big expenditures. I mention this because people keep asking me what’s going to happen in November and I honestly do not know. And let me say: I am so grateful for this not-knowing. Because it means each of us still possess the power to make a huge difference in the days and weeks to come. So I am more honored than I have ever been to do Ruby Intuition readings and dream interpretations. Activating your practical magic helps you manifest a 2021 we all can love.

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Nothing Nice to Say but I’m Saying It Anyway

I woke up, fed my beautiful cat, made coffee, and hightailed it to the river. Where I sat at her banks and wept and wept.

And wept.

I suppose this is why I’ve not been posting more personal essays. So much of what I’m feeling is abject grief, and who needs more of that? Except: Are we really allowing ourselves to experience said grief? Or are we ranting then checking out then ranting some more? It’s hard to grieve, really grieve, for a quality of life—a standard of decency—that we took for granted only nine months ago. Because to do so makes this present more real, and who wants that?

It reminds me of the prayer I started uttering as a child when I realized I had no allies.

Dear God please don’t let me stop feeling. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy