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Permissions Denied, Pigeons Assigned

Piccione, this morning you left your house without a bra?

This was yesterday, when everyone had begun drifting back from wherever people go when they leave NYC over the holidays and I was waiting for some friends visiting from out of town.

For a full week, the coffee shop next door—the ones run by the wily Italians—had been closed. In fact, the whole neighborhood had been closed because all of the planet had been magically out of time.

I’d got a lot done.

But, I am sorry to report, my unconscious also had erected one last roadblock before this wretched, wonderful year could draw to a close.

This roadblock was a doozy.

It began a few days before Christmas, when my Macbook Pro’s operating system began devouring itself, which impacted everything connected to my Apple ID across all my devices, everything that required–and o the irony is rich if not sweet–permissions.

Essentially, I was being denied access to my own identity. At first I was only blocked from features that were convenient but unessential: Apple calendars, reminders, and notes that I accessed across all my devices. Then passwords stored in my iCloud keychain began to disappear, which is when I realized that all these years I’d thought I was being smart and responsible by using Apple-suggested passwords, I was really being stupid as a heart attack. Because these passwords were so complex that I had no way to resuscitate them using anything as pedestrian as, say, human memory. Continue Reading →

The Shining Path of One’s Own Words

Space Crone: Holiday Edition

“No more equivocating,” said Jennifer when I left her office yesterday. She almost didn’t need to say it aloud except, of course, she did.

Since my back returned to seminormal—since the last great road block of the Year of 12 Novembers was finally removed—I have been doing my very best to finish this book.

Or should I say: this fucking book.

For two and a half years, this bildungsrosman has been my constant companion. My greatest dream, my greatest albatross, my  frenemy. I’ve gone broke, I’ve broken my body, I’ve broken my heart.

A few times, actually.

And still the first draft isn’t done.

The funny thing is, I’m looking forward to editing this behemoth. I always say that I write like a pagan and edit like a Jew, and though it’s a suspiciously catchy phrase, it’s also true. Mostly. But I haven’t been writing this book like a pagan. I’ve been writing it like a flat-out witch-—channeling people I purposefully haven’t seen in years, conjuring  the past in the present, re-experiencing everything in the most messed-up method writer sort of way.

It’s worn me down to a nub. Really, I’m a nub of a space crone.

But though I’ve been conspicuously silent here over the last few weeks, it hasn’t been a terrible holiday season. Oh, I’ve made some mistakes–whoever thinks you automatically get smarter as you age really isn’t getting smarter—but nothing permanently damning.

I actually like the holidays—the parties, pine, sense of being outside of linear time. Most years I plan local adventures—old films on big screens and trips to the mermaid woods. But this season has been different because I’ve understood that for my sanity and fundamental survival I must complete a first draft by my personal new year, which is January 19 (my birthday).

Thus during the day I’ve written written written and at night have climbed into a kairos of my devise–a front-room tesseract in reds and purples, birds and candles, offline music and books and film. I’ve turned the pages of Gamache (my favorite sad-eyed and soul-deep Canadian detective) and dropped the plainchant of Nina and monks on the turntable and turned on to A Christmas Tale, Armand Deplechin’s neurotic, erotic paean to love lost and barely found.

Its deep skepticism of blood bonds and Deneuve’s red-lipped what-the-fuckery hitting the spot something fierce.

My sense is I can pull off this deadline if I stop whatever equivocating I’m still doing and accept the loneliness completion will bring. No more misbegotten love affairs, no more ill-advised distractions, no electricity period save true friends of my heart and the shine of these words as they appear one after another on this path into a wickedly enchanted forest. (Reading for people also is connecting me to that collective divine.) So in the wake of winter solstice and solar eclipse, I’m asking my greatest ally

here, where she’ll be held most accountable—

and I’m asking because god knows she doesn’t like to be told anything–

Well. I’m asking myself to stop equivocating.

From my Mary-loving Jewish pagan hearth, I send all the love in my heart to light these longest nights. We are all, each of us, blessed, and it has been an honor to bask in your shine.

No sleep til draft 1 is done, kittens. See you on the other side!

Astro PSA: Full Moon in Buzzy, Busy Gemini

I write from a neighborhood bar that has a great and relatively quiet happy hour. Drinking sazerac, mawing nuts, rereading the day’s pages, and listening to a man my age mack on a girl who at the very oldest is 25. I’d judge the shit out of him except when I walked in, he raised his eyebrows suggestively and I shook my head. Also the last person I snogged was half my age, which made them roughly 25 (ok, younger). If this paragraph didn’t land where you expected, welcome to my 2019.

Then again, time is a construct.

Earlier today NYC was a storybook—-kids bobbing on parents’ shoulders, everyone bundled like toddlers in mittens and hats, and snow, glorious snow. But by midday it was back to bleak, urine-drenched, and sooty. Enter free-wheeling Sagittarius season and tonight’s full moon in Gemini. Both aspects remind us to be here now since linear time is big old myth and nothing else is real either save the story you tell yourself. And love, the greatest gravity of all.

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling that inside and out. Even on television, at least Watchmen, the most momentous show anywhere right now (see what I did there?), the notion of linear time is being savagely imploded.

Fourth dimension is, like, so twenty-teens.

Taking place in the earliest hours of tomorrow–that’s 12/12 at exactly 12:12 am!–tonight’s “long cold night full moon” also exits us out of a cycle of karma since the number 12 is all about reincarnation. Ask yourself: What hard lessons have I begun learning this year that I can finally put to use? Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are conjuncting, which suggests the lessons may be taking place in our relationships and finances. Certainly that was true for me, though ain’t that always the case? Bottom line: we are moving past the limited thinking that we were taught kept us safe but really has held us back. Don’t be scared. Be glad–and dress warmly.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy