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Water and Wind, Fire and Father

I love channeling people’s best selves–which is all a soul really is–and I love charting people’s baby and big steps as they sometimes awkwardly, sometimes gracefully move into their true lives. But I’m not especially good at promoting my practice. Instead, I’m an old Jewish-Soux-Scot workhorse who does what needs to be done with as much joy and humor as possible, and somehow those who need me find me.

Today, as is the case most Fridays and Sundays, I had clients, and what amazed me most amazes me on every day of readings: Listening to the wind is all it really takes to help people find their way. This is especially true because it is Candlemas, the midpoint of winter solstice and spring equinox. Today Jesus offered himself to the temple while his beautiful mother Mary renewed herself with divine feminine love. In Celtic tradition, this is also known as Imbolic, Brigid’s festival of the holy well and the sacred flame; in other mythologies, it is the beginning of the end of hibernation. So what am I saying? That showing up is half the miracle. The other is breathing and trusting as you do.

Take my father Bernard Harvey, who celebrates his 76th birthday today. Since retiring from a life of math and science—he belongs to one of this country’s first generations of computer programmers–he’s delved into the world of arts and languages. He’s taught himself Spanish. He’s studied guitar and written his own songs. He’s even formed a punk rock band whose tracks are virulently anti-Trump. Apropos for a Candlemas baby, he’s using his personal winter to emerge from hibernation. With the clever latent magic of the water-bearer, he does not believe but still somehow knows. So do you. Come find me and I’ll show you how.

Capricorn Hours

why am i awake at 3 am when I usually wake two hours later? the short answer is I need a new (new) bed (a story I will tell another time). the longer answer is that january brings us far far from our diurnal patterns; that those of us who do anything save sleep all day and night by a fire are not in in our right minds, right bodies, right lives, and so everything normally in the shadows clamors to be registered, felt, absorbed. it seems that if i’m to be awake at all during this season i have no choice but to be dead-awakened during the hours when the veil is lifted. good? o who knows. but true? So true. capricorn is a time of reckoning.

Clear Is the New Cozy

With the holidays in the rearview mirror and the year still shiny and new, Capricorn season doesn’t preclude fun but it also doesn’t brook with dissociation. I’m all for hygge, that Danish embrace of everything cozy–fur slippers, crackling fires, hot toddies, the works. But I’m also a fan of the deep digging we do this time of year. Wrapped in layers and quiet by the hearth, we have the time and space to consider where we’re going, and climb into projects that go unattended when temperatures soar. To help you build those little houses in the big woods (and big houses in little woods!), I’ll be doing Ruby Intuition readings in Lambertville, NJ, at the delightful homestead of Katie Albert Bolton on Saturday, 1/13, and by appointment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and by Skype all through this month. To schedule a session, RSVP at The wind on your back may be glacial but it also can steer you where you need to go.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy