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Today’s solar eclipse in Pisces not only coincides with the new moon but with a Uranus-Mars conjunction. All told, this is the astrological equivalent of a 1977 Buzzcocks show. In terms of tonight’s Oscars, expect the unexpected, not to mention a bevy of anti-establishment speeches. (Take it home, Moonlight!) In terms of your personal practice, all new moons are opportunities to set new goals but this particular constellation begs the question: What should I be blowing up? In terms of the U.S., the status quo is so obviously dunzo that the motto—nay, the mandate— is THE ROOF THE ROOF IS ON FIRE. As spring progresses, we’ll build anew but, today, raise high the roofbeams, celestial carpenters! Postscript: Upset was right!

Named and Counted

Whenever I’m feeling lost, bereft, furious, or, yes, joyous, I list my blessings. I’ve done it since I was a child and I’ll do it on the last day of my life. It’s how I start every prayer; how I enter scary rooms; how I honor all triumphs. It’s powerful to visit with the bright light that pours through our lives in even the worst moments.

From the minute this coup seized the White House, it has attacked every vulnerable corner of our land and our people. Many of us have been living with the heaviest of hearts–so heavy that our immune systems are eroding, so heavy that we wake with lumps already closing our throats. Enter the Tr%mp Flu: fever, chills, despair. Not since Mr Oyster have I been this laid out, and not until reconnecting with my lifelong ritual have I begun to heal. Now, before turning on electronics or even making coffee, I name and count blessings. It connects me to the child I once was, the crone I hope to become. I thank the divine feminine in all her manifestations and honor the light that precedes all shadows. Then and then only then do I turn things on, heat things up, join this eclipse.

Podcasting with Dale Seever

In prior years I would wear my film critic hat or my intuitive hat but never did the twain meet (not unless I was making Academy Award predictions; oh, the Oscar pools I’ve won). In this Brave New World, though, I feel it necessary to integrate my various entities. So I had great fun appearing on Deep Nightthe podcast by comedian Dale Seever. We talked about magic and medicine of all varietals, including the 2017 Oscars, bald eagles, spirit guides, Mother Mary, and such films as All That Jazz, In the Mood for Love, and The Wiz. That Dale is quite a rascal; take a listen.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy