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First and Forest

When I came to Truro, it was to be for a month. I had put the word out among my extended circle that I was looking to live in rural New England in September, and had rolled my eyes as I’d done so. Who’d be willing to lend me their empty house wily-nily for four weeks?

I had gall.

But as is often the case when life really needs to change, that gall paid off. A friend from high school—really, someone I liked but had never known very well—got in touch through Facebook, and the next thing I knew Grace and I were hurtling to Truro in a car full of cat food, thin cotton dresses, and platform shoes.

That’s who I was on September 7. Tired eyes, disappointed smiles, trailing glamour like yesterday’s big idea. Grief-stricken about the hateful ignorance validated by the Trussian Oligarchy. Grief-stricken about who I no longer was. Continue Reading →

Season of the Witch

Happy Samhain! For witches, Halloween is not just a joyous, tricksy day but a hallowed one—literally. This is the first day of a blessed new year, a time when the darkness glows with our biggest, most beautiful selves.  Tonight the veil is lifted, and divination is not only possible but probable. It is also, not to put too fine a point on it, a powerful day in terms of divine female energy. So it’s no coincidence that the Trussian oligarchy is finally being dragged into the light this week. Cockocracy has no shot when all the lady magic emerges in full force.  Our big, no-bullshit Hera-Sophia-Athena-Oshun-Yemaya-Mary light is poised to outshine everything that needs to return to the shadows. Eat some pumpkin, dance with the moon, and remember: For as long as they’ve tried to demonize sister outsiders, we’ve only grown more radiant.

New Moon Rising (Through the Past)

Darkdarkdark, and yet I’m up, roused by the prayer I uttered before falling asleep last night. Help me go from there to THERE in this bildungsrosman that I’m writing, I asked higher spirit, divine mommy, the universe–whatever you call the whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts energy that holds us all like we’re kittens.* At 4:30 am I was pulled awake in the darkdarkdark with the gift of where to go and how; now I’m just waiting for coffee to move me onto that path. The sun’s not up, but it will be.

*I call it G-d.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy