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Asked and Answered: Ruby Intuition Questions

As I’ve transitioned from Muppet critic to Muppet psychic, even normally skeptical friends and colleagues have been supportive and open-minded. But it’s come to my attention that people fear asking about this work lest they seem disrespectful or silly. Below I’ve tackled the most commonly asked questions with the gentle request that you send on more if they occur to you.

Is it scary?
I’m a big believer in coffee with cream. By this I mean I never lie to my clients but also ensure that the delivery of information is loving and even amusing. Do I see illness, death, betrayal? Sometimes, because that’s part of being alive, but you can rest assured that I only share what you need to know at the time of our session. I do not endorse massages so rough that they tense muscles that need to be relaxed, nor do I endorse truth bombs that make us dread our future. We’re supposed to enjoy this business of being alive!

Will I find out when I’m going to die?
Nope, for reasons described above.

Do I have to believe in God or some higher power for this to work?
I firmly believe we’re all part of a “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” energy–whether you call it God or the universe or Yahweh or Allah or the divine feminine. I also believe this godforce is the source of my intuition and the many patterns in nature and our human-made experiences. But you don’t have to believe that. You just have to show up with an open mind. Continue Reading →

Baptizing the Monster: ‘Mary Shelley’

What follows is a transcript of a talk I gave about the biopic Mary Shelley for the Westchester Film Club, where I often deliver lectures on new independent and foreign film releases.

The best way to discuss this film may be to unpack it like one of those Russian nesting dolls that stack level upon level upon level.

So let’s start with who is behind this lens. As David may have told you, it is directed by Haiffa al Mansour, who also cowrote the script with Emma Jensen. Haiffa’s first feature was 2013’s Wadjda, the first Saudi-Arabian film to be directed by a Saudi woman. That in itself is a mind-blowing accomplishment, given the restrictions women face in that country, but the movie itself, a coming-of-age story about a female tween rebel, is a wonder. I strongly recommend it if you have not already seen it. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy