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A Tourist in My Own Town

Central Perky

One of the many, many things I love about NYC is that when one neighborhood proves wearying (Williamsburg houses far too many of my exes), you can dip into a whole new world just by traveling a few miles. This holiday season I have been a tourist in my own city and have found real December magic, even when the adventures have left something to be desired.

Last Sunday I traveled to an unusually demure Midtown to ogle the big-hearted precision of the Alvin Ailey dancers at the New York City Center. Continue Reading →

The Metaphysician Is In

With 2018’s castor-oil retrogrades behind us and with Jupiter glowing in big-picture Sagittarius and the winter solstice light still shining bright, this year is ending on a glorious uptick. You can tell when a witch is in her element because her eyes start looking wildly different from each other; right now, I’m positively cockeyed. So while I usually just see clients on the weekend, I’m booking sessions all day tomorrow and New Years Day. Let’s chart your 2019 through tarot cards, astrology and the wisdom of your highest, most beautiful self. To schedule an intuitive reading for you or a loved one in person or via video chat, message me or read more here.

Love Lost, Love Laureate: Noel Visitations

I woke thinking of Donald Hall, who died last June at the age of 89 after living a very fine life as a poet and a New Englander. There are details of his biography that make me wince–especially the string of young girls, including the poet Jane Kenyon, his second wife who was decades his junior and whom he met when she was still his student.

But I also know that God is not always concerned with such details, and that their love helped them develop as humans and writers. That he was unseasonably proud of his wife’s artistic development. That she professionally outstripped him before succumbing to a voracious cancer a few weeks shy of her 48th birthday. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy