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Ruby Intuition Questions: Asked and Answered

Over the years, people have asked all kinds of questions about my Ruby Intuition practice. Below I’ve tackled the most common ones. (This is an updated version.) Feel free to ask more!

Is getting a reading scary?
I’m a big believer in coffee with cream. By this I mean that I ensure the delivery of information is loving, diplomatic, and occasionally amusing. Do I see illness, death, betrayal? Sometimes, because that’s part of the human condition. But you can rest assured that while I never lie, I only share what you need to know at the time of our session and I always do so gently. I’ve never liked massages that are so tough-love that they tense rather than relax muscles, and I’ve never endorsed truth bombs that make us dread our future. We’re supposed to enjoy this business of being alive!

Will I find out when I or someone I love is going to die?
Nope, for reasons described above.

Do I have to believe in God or some higher power for this to work?
I firmly believe we’re all part of a “whole greater than the sum of its parts”–whether you call this energy God, the Universe, Yahweh, Allah, the Divine Feminine, or something or someone else. I also believe this energy is the source of my intuition. But you don’t have to believe that. You just have to show up with an open mind. Continue Reading →

A Lonely Otherwise (The 10-Year Breakup)


I felt anger rise when you’d regale me with endless stories of your family—the spats, foibles, boasts masked as kvelling. I would have loved to have loved to listen but you never even learned my parents’ names. It took a decade for you to learn my full name.

I felt anger rise when you said I was deluging you with my life. You never asked questions but rattled on about yours, deleting only the parts that would cast you in an unseemly light.

Such as: the other ladies.

Such as: who really paid your bills.

Ten years before, the last time I saw my parents, I told them I had recently ended it with someone. It was the first of our many breakups, and the wound was fresh. Continue Reading →

Astro PSA: Full Moon in Capricorn

Today’s astrology recalls a stanza from my favorite Jane Kenyon poem: Let evening come as it will, and don’t be afraid/ God does not leave us comfortless. While the sun is in Cancer, we’re invested in keeping things cozy, but tonight’s full moon in stern-daddy Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is invested in our coming correct. It may be scary to step into the unknown, but hanging on to what no longer serves is never comfortable in the long run. So today is for decluttering hearths and hearts—in-boxes, relationships, routines. If you don’t, the moon just might take matters in her own hands—but she won’t leave you comfortless.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy