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Valentine in Sundry Forms

Once upon a time I loathed this holiday and still think there’s more joy, communion, and revelation to be gleaned outside romantic love than capitalism suggests. But I am an enormous fan of intimacy and vulnerability, and have come to believe this is what St. Valentines is really about. David Whyte writes: “Heartbreak is an inescapable and beautiful question, not the cessation of hope but the closest embrace of what we have wanted or are about to lose.” It may seem odd to write about heartbreak today. To be alive to love is to be alive to loss, though, because love never goes away but it always changes form. The acceptance of that change—even as it hurts, especially as it hurts—teaches us how to embrace the essence of love. Today and every day, may your heart be embraced—especially where it’s been broken open.

Astro PSA: New Moon in Aquarius

Greetings as a new moon sails into Aquarius, where Sun and Venus are also perched. The challenge of humanitarian Aquarius is also its strength: It takes nothing personally! With so many planets bunched there while Venus is conjuncting wish-granter Jupiter, this lunar cycle emphasizes social networks, not individual emotions. It improves our practice of receiving and giving help and teaches us beautiful reciprocity rather than transactionalism, especially since Mercury Retrograde is stripping us of normal networking resources and St. Valentine’s Day looms on the horizon. New moons are about surrendering to the divine mystery rather than willing anything into being so I wouldn’t focus on goal-setting. Instead, bask in your longings. Think of them as directional signals to the universe—not to mention other people.
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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy