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Coming at You

This is the most silent I’ve been on this blog since its inception, and I offer no apologies. There are six planets in retrograde–Mars and Mercury are especially packing a punch–and we’ve been knee-deep in eclipses. So I’ve been surrendering to the universe big-time, riding its waves and heeding its gory lessons, and hope you’ve been doing the same. Rest assured, if you haven’t had a tumultuous summer, you haven’t been doing it right.

Mars retrograde suffers no fools; it’s all about teaching us how we hold ourselves back in our relationships and in pursuit of our dreams.The best thing we can do right now is revisit old patterns so we can blow them up. Yep, you read that right. BLOW THEM UP. The good part is sex–sexy dreams, sexual revolutions, sexual evolutions. For while Freud said everything was about sex, I think sex is about everything else–about igniting all walks of life—and there’s a pulse thumping that wants to transform your rhythms. So go ahead and succumb (pun intended). Sex with yourself counts, maybe the most, so don’t ignore this siren call just because there’s no object of your desire.

Of course, with this Mercury retrograde in proud, proud Leo, you can bet there have been a lot of ruffled and kerfuffled feathers. If I’m being honest, I haven’t been doing tons of Ruby Intuition readings because it’s difficult to analyze the storm while it’s still raining–not to mention that I prefer to serve cream with my coffee and none of us have been on our best behavior. But now that eclipse season is coming to its thunderous conclusion–Saturday’s is going to be a doozy, dear ones!–my mind’s eye is clear as a bell. Do let’s learn together what the heavens have been trying to teach you. I’ll be available for Massachusetts readings August 13-23, and to my fellow New Yorkers for the rest of August. Get in touch.

Love and Darkness, Green Days and Rain

I was so sad in my last post. More than sad, I was hopeless.

And I guess people aren’t accustomed to such despair from me. I’m glad they’re not, actually. And I’m even gladder for the subsequent outreach.

Subconsciously it’s probably why I put my great despair out there. Sometimes you don’t see the light unless you acknowledge the darkness from which it emerges. And a big source of light in my life are the people who do see me, and are loving and gracious in their perceptions. Are gentle with my heart.

Last week’s rain came right from my own body. I’d wept enough tears that they manifested as a nasty summer cold–sinuses streaming, fevers and body aches, all that natural-unnatural drama. Supernatural, too.

K and his kid dropped by impromptu Saturday evening with supplies and sardonic sweetness, their specialty for as long as I’ve known them as a dynamic duo. We sat on my dirty rug while I rasped like an inadvertent torch singer and Grace wove in between our legs. Everything under the sun got discussed except for the things that would have just hurt more. Then we even talked about those things because by then nothing hurt. My sweet sardonic friends kept me company until I was ready for bed, and then traveled back into the good night because they go to sleep just as I wake. Still sniffling, I floated in that darkness, grateful that K and I could fuse a real friendship from the embers of our failed expectations of each other. Continue Reading →

Mars Retrograde’s Paradigm Shuffle

I wake before the sun and shuffle into the kitchen to fix Gracie her breakfast and brew my coffee. I sit by the window, watch the doves bicker gently as they set up a new nest on my fire escape. Babies coming, I think, and pour coffee and heated cream into my biggest mug and shuffle back into the bedroom with a sated Gracie nipping at my heels.

I do not turn on a film. This is momentous.

When anything ominous looms on my horizon, I watch a film before beginning the day. I can rationalize the viewing by nodding to my ostensible profession of the last two decades–muppet critic, at your service–but lately I’ve come to wonder if the profession itself developed as the ultimate rationalization.

As dissociation devices go, a chosen profession is not so bad.

Lately, I have been watching an awful lot of early-morning movies. Yesterday, I watched Singin’ in the Rain. It’s a wonderful film. Certainly the best metamusical ever made–the best metamovie, period. I chose it in honor of the nation’s birthday–Debbie Reynolds in gold and pink spangles, popping out of a cake while my man Gene Kelly beams broadly and drawls: “Well, if it isn’t Ethel Barrymore.” Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy