New Moon Justice

Big Moon by Shara HughesIt’s not just because I have moon in Libra that I love moons in Libra, but it doesn’t hurt. The deepest parts of me longs not only for harmony but justice too, and so often these desires live in direct conflict with each other, especially with the orange shadow that’s been looming over the American horizon all year. Today’s new moon in Libra—arriving exactly at 5:11 PM—sits together with Jupiter, which manifests on a grand scale the core of everything it touches. Given that Libra is ruled by Venus, we honest to goodness have a terrific chance to manifest peace, love, and understanding during the month to come. So take a few moments at 5 o’clock and meditate on what beautiful change might look like—for you, for the people you love, for the country you inhabit. Venus is the planet of connectivity and beauty; Jupiter is the planet of wise expansion. Let’s be the change we see in the stars. Art credit: Shara Hughes.

David, Goliath, ‘Denial’

denialThe Holocaust is hardly a new topic in cinema. Every year, filmmakers in Hollywood, Indiewood, and abroad find new angles to tackle in one of the most appalling chapters in modern world history. Yet, though it’s an odiously fast-growing movement on both sides of the pond, Holocaust denial has never been explored on the big screen. “Denial,” about the 1990s libel lawsuit brought by English historical author and Holocaust denier David Irving against American academic Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher Penguin Books, does just that, with a lively fortitude that challenges legal and moral relativism.

Clad in an orange perm and the unflattering tweeds of a New York intellectual, Rachel Weisz plays Lipstadt in her third great performance of this season. (Count “The Light Between Oceans” and “Complete Unknown” as the vehicles for her other two.) We meet the professor of Jewish studies as she’s giving what’s now an infamous 1994 Emory University lecture about Holocaust deniers. Her book on the topic is newly published, and just as she’s asked why she doesn’t respond directly to those who claim this mass genocide never happened, Irving (Timothy Spall) stands up in the audience and challenges her to a debate. He’s physically ejected but two years later finds a way to force the issue: He sues her through the English courts on the grounds that her book, now titled Denial: Holocaust History on Trial, has ruined his career. Continue Reading →

When Every Leaf Is a Flower

dry cleanerI’m aware the autumnal equinox was a week ago, but only today did I register the hopeful, rueful pull of fall.

The sun rose late and I with it. I’d been out uncharacteristically late the night before—driving back into the city on dark, wet roads, singing to Nina, guzzling coffee, shifting gears smoothly in my new clunky heels. I’d felt so glamorous. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy