Packing My Cannoli

Once Sadie stopped being a long-distance car, I bought the world’s smallest suitcase–pink and black leopard print, a carry-on no matter how stringent the airline regulations, something even my bad back could handle on public transportation. It’s basically a school backpack on pretty silver wheels, the Zoolander mobile phone of satchels. The only downside: packing has become tres Sophie’s Choice. Which explains why, at 11pm after an extremely long day, I’m sitting here muttering, Mz. Rosman, you are heading to Boston, fer Christ’s sake. Keep the corduroys, lose the cute dress. Yes, I am laughing at myself (and regretting that 9pm coffee). But I also am quite serious. Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Charming Monday

The laundry list of this day extends out the door. The Monday anxiety is already screeching its high-pitched aria, the myriad things that could go wrong a metallic tang on my tongue. My bruja energies–invariably Carrie-style when I’m on high alert–have broken two glasses, popped one lightbulb, shorted out a pair of headphones. But I’ll take each step, one in front of the other, in the cutest shoes I can muster until I’ve done everything I can today. (G-d knows the universe has sent plenty of good wind on my back.) Given the options–busy living, busy dying–I’m, like, super in favor of the former.… Read More

All Hail ‘The Hunger Games’

Overall, I like “In a World,” actress Lake Bell’s comedy that indicts sexism in the voice-over industry, but it contains one problematic scene. In it, a studio bigwig played by women’s rights activist Geena Davis critiques a thinly disguised version of “The Hunger Games” films. “Let me level with you,” she says. “This pseudo-feminist, fantasy-tween, chick-lit bullshit is a devolution of the female mission and a cancer to the intelligence of young women.”

As “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2,” the final (and hyper-punctuated) installment in the four-film series adapted from Suzanne Collins’s best-selling book trilogy, hits theaters this week, I thought about how much I disagreed with these words.… Read More