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Headphone Honey

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.59.00 PMIt’s the third time it’s happened so now it qualifies as an official pattern: I return from a rural vacation only to discover that somewhere in between my car and apartment I’ve lost my headphones. In addition to being expensive, this a rueful reminder that only in the city are headphones essential gear–vital to my survival and sanity as I move through the honking, hollering, general mayhem. On the plus side: my June dove neighbor, Sweet Baby Blue, was awaiting me on the fire escape when I woke today, as smooth and serene as ever, and newly grown up. A fine ambassador to my reentry, indeed. Nature is everywhere, I guess. It’s just that in NYC we’re too inundated with human nature.

First Lady, Second Fiddle

michelleAs I write this, former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for U.S. president. Melania Trump, wife of Republican nominee for U.S. President Donald Trump, has monopolized the national headlines for delivering a Republican National Convention speech that plagiarized entire passages of a 2008 Democratic National Convention speech delivered by current U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama. Meanwhile, one of the most popular video clips making the rounds of social media is of Mrs. Obama doing car karaoke with rapper Missy Elliott and talk-show host James Corden.

This is the state of the union, as filtered through the lens of the very complex institution of the U.S. first lady. It is a telling picture because, more than any other moment in history, few agree on what we should expect of a first lady. This in turn is telling because, more than any other moment in history, few agree on what we should expect of women in general. For that matter, few agree on what women should expect from the world. Continue Reading →

C.J., Lemon Lobster Rice, and Me

cj creggO human people: we only can preach at other so much before our faith falters. Today I’ve read as many articles and social media posts as I can manage, written three pieces (and one vehement blog post), and walked four miles in this stupid, stupid heat. My brain is officially dry white toast. So I’m going to make lemon lobster rice and wolf it in my air-conditioned bedroom while watching episodes of “West Wing.” Who knew that show would represent a relatively halcyon era of American politics? Anywhere, here’s the recipe if you’re interested. I made it up while watching C.J. Cregg eviscerate a fashion reporter, so if it’s off, you have my ardent apologies. It tasted pretty good to me. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy