Ass-trological PSA: Goodbye, Lemons

lemonadeAs of Thursday, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury all will be retrograde, a quintuple whammy that almost never takes place. I don’t hate retrogrades–they amplify the power of a planet until we submit to its lessons, basically–but business as usual is out the window. Expect deep, pattern-changing work in most areas of your life: Saturn is the harsh teacher; Pluto is the god of the unconscious; Mars is the god of war; fleet-footed Mercury governs communication and travel; and Jupiter rules, well, everything. Of course, of course: Back up your electronics, buy insurance, and serve plenty of cream with your coffee in even the simplest of exchanges. But more than that, serious paradigm-shifting is in order. As we’ve already seen (Prince, Beyoncé, the primary), it’s time to make the lemonade.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy