F*ck 45: The Ferry Edition

So I just waited for two hours for a ferry because Donald Trump insisted the entire East River waterway be shut down while he flew in to the UN….and then he was late. In the meantime all of us waiting noticed red dots on ourselves and the deck. We looked up and saw snipers everywhere–on the overpass, in helicopters bobbing above us, you name it. I asked the ferry workers if this was had occurred while other presidents were in office. “None of this shit,” said one. “Hellll noooooo,” said another. Those poor dudes. They just kept saying, “Just another 10 minutes, folks” every 10 minutes while Trump grew later and later. “The schnorrer’s even late for this,” said an older woman, eying her melting Fairway groceries glumly.

After a while, I opened up the big bag of chips I’d just bought at Trader Joes and passed it around. Someone else passed around a bottle of wine and we all filled our coffee cups and water bottles and there it was. Instant pahty. Bottom line? Not even DT can stop New York City. We’re too resourceful and too much fun.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy