Sagittarius Rainbow Lemonade

Hallelujah! With 2018’s many major retrogrades finally over, and the sun, new moon, and Jupiter in Sagittarius with a newly direct Mercury soon to follow suit, we are the freest we’ve been all year. New moons always release a burst of energy and when they take place in boundless Saggie, the sky’s the limit, especially since this sign is ruled by Jupiter, who’s all about amplifying whatever you bring to the table. What does this mean? This is not time to think small. Nor is it the time to lean into disappointment, frustration, exhaustion. Rather, it’s time to make like Sagittarius queen Tina Turner, and absorb the year’s tough retrograde lessons into a big, beautiful, and newly informed 2019 plan. So what dreams have you been afraid to dream? What hopes are you secretly harboring? Write them down, then sprinkle pixie dust to make them even bigger. Now that the wind has officially changed, we can really sow what we wish to reap. Get in touch to let me help you or a pal. Tis the season indeed!

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy