The June Swoon of Gemini’s New Moon

I never liked being called a chick. I certainly never liked “bitch” or “slut,” though some people embrace both terms. But I am and always will be a broad. I mention this because while we’re knee-deep in Gemini season, self-definition and redefinition is the name of the game.

You know what else is the name of the game? Collaboration and communion.

This morning I shimmied into the coffee shop next door and informed the brilliant artist, chef and perpetually jumpsuit-clad Paula Citterio that today’s a new moon in Gemini. “I can feel it!” she said and joined me in a little two-step.

Really, this sparkly vibration has been hard to ignore, especially since the sun and Gemini’s ruling planet of Mercury is already in this Chatty-Cathy sign. Everything’s aflutter with extra-extra communication and transformation, and the best way to navigate such a double-album of overstimulation is to make like Paula and me and dance a happy jig.

Pink Paula, on the Mercury move.

When you’re done, share three new-moon goals with a pal so you can cheer-lead each other through this lunar period; lucky me shared mine with mermaid witch and author Cat Cabral.

Just remember: Gemini is all about mirrors and twinships so it’s best to harness its tremendous possibilities with a partner-in-crime. Be honest about what you see, unplug at least once a day, and most of all, think pink!

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy