Tea and Empathy

No matter what time of day you come for an intuition reading, I’ll serve you tea. Sometimes (rarely) it contains caffeine but more often it’s a brew of herbs and leaves and roots based on what you’ll most need that day. Before you arrive, I tune in on your energy to find the blend that suits, and when you arrive, I put on the kettle. During the time the water takes to boil, we discuss the insights you’re seeking, and when the kettle makes itself heard—I swear it bleats like a lost sheep!—we roll up our sleeves. Often our last sip occurs just as the cards whisper their final secret and sometimes—less frequently—the leaves themselves have something to say.

In this way I not only let your smallest and most scared self know that you are welcome, but that we are enjoined with all the ancestors who engaged in tea ceremonies long before we entered this world. It is also how I share what’s in my heart—that it is an honor to serve you.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy