Service Serves Yourself (Tis the Season!)

In her latest roundup for Oprah Magazine, the much-esteemed Chani Nicholas suggests that Pisces season—compounded by the Mercury retrograde in this sign until March 4–is about what to give, not get. She’s right, of course. Service rather than self-actualization is the most useful lens while we’re in deep-dish planning mode—-and ’tis better to plan than act during these watery two weeks.

Ask yourself: What do I have to share with the world? How can I best marshal my skills and resources to improve the lives of those around me? What will not only bring joy to myself but to others? This impulse to share–this all-encompassing compassion—is the absolute best part of Pisces’ osmosis (AKA brilliant lack of boundaries) so make the most of it while the water is warm.
Images: Country Doctor (Night Call) by the great Horace Pippin doctored by yours truly; book cover by unknown artist. (Feel free to supply their name!)

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy