Full Moon in Libra: COVID-19 Etiquette

ASTRO PSA! ASTRO PSA! Full moon tonight. A super-powerful, super-pink, super-moon, no less. It may seem that even the heavens don’t have sway over the dreaded Covid-19. But astrology still offers guiding posts–grounding perspectives, much-needed clearings. Enter this full moon, which takes place in diplomatic, eminently social Libra. Ruled by Venus, this sign is all about navigating boundaries—literally! Now is the moment to refine our Covid Etiquette—social distancing behaviors that more gracefully honor the social contract. Ask yourself: How can I better honor the humanity of others while we’re wearing masks stripping us of human features? How can we more diplomatically ensure our six feet apart? How can we express our love, concern, grief, rage, and fear in a way that honors all of our big feelings?

Frankly, if you’ve been letting your inner misanthropist off the leash, you’re not alone. We are cooped up with our trauma during the season of Aries—the most zealous and impulsive sign of the zodiac. Given how little Aries tolerates restraints, it’s no wonder we’ve been extra salty. So even if you can’t go outside, let your inner wolf howl out the window! Punch that lunar pillow! Then put on your rosy glasses for this rosy moon, and set some intentions about how you may treat yourself and others with more grace. We are in the shit, yes, but we’re in it together. Let’s use it to fertilize something beautiful.

For more insight or to gain personal perspective during this upheaval, book a Life in the Time of Covid-19 reading. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy