The Church of Real Work

Behold this image of the aftermath of yesterday’s readings and Sky Inside live Instagram services–the nonchurchy church portal I’ve been creating since Quarantime began. These are such trying times but deeply tuning into people is always uplifting. Because whenever I tune into a person, I always encounter their divine self— what I call their best self or the soul.

It’s only when we’re disconnected from this divinity that we fail ourselves and others.

I’m especially grateful for this work because Taurus season is a time to be beautifully of use. After many weeks of shelter-in-place dormancy, we must re-activate ourselves—dance around, primal-scream at our demons, do whatever it takes to release our static energy and salvage our sanity through service to ourselves and each other. For me this service entails translating people back to their best selves–whether through the vehicle of tarot cards in my capacity as an intuitive or through film and television reviews in my capacity as a critic. (We’re still taping Talking Pictures via Zoom for PBS.)

The larger point is that each us is a beloved child of the universe with a unique calling that make us feel most ourselves. That’s not capitalism’s division of labor. That’s a divine division of labor. So let’s each grab a tool—be it a pen, a guitar, a microphone, a garden shovel, a sewing machine, a smartphone, a spreadsheet, a callsheet—and do what we uniquely can to make this world better. Marge Piercy says: “The pitcher cries for water to carry and a person for work that is real.” Real work is the most practical magic of all.

For a reading to determine how you may uniquely be of service, book here. Taurus season readings are pure pleasure.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy