Astro PSA: Moon in Gemini

Did you hear? Tomorrow at 9:36 am EST, we’ll be graced by a new moon in Chatty Cathy Gemini. Since the Sun and Venus is also in this sign, cue communication galore. Gemini can seem ungrounded but that’s only because, governed by Mercury, she’s all about delivery systems. Rest assured that, while the moon is trining retrograded Saturn, she’s as grounded as can be; a trine is a happy, productive connection between two planets and Saturn aims to stabilize us above all else. Still, expect tons of extra information in all areas of life. While most of us are sheltering in place, this can be dizzying but also super-fun. Think pranks, wordplay, new ideas, and declarations of love and ambition. So take a little time between now and tomorrow morning to list what you most want to express–and to whom. I guarantee this new moon will facilitate the most delightful exchanges!

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy