Astro PSA: Venus Retrograde

Outside Me

I always tell Ruby Intuition clients: I may deliver information with a heavy dollop of cream, but I never lie. So let me be honest: This is one of those moments when I wish I were a bullshit artist. Because this Venus Retrograde, which began Monday and will affect us until July, promises to be a doozy.

Venus rules all loving resources—everything connected to matters of beauty, the heart, and money. So what happens when such a planet is taken out of the equation? Occurring every 20 months and lasting for six weeks (10 if you count its notoriously long shadow), its retrograde compels us to reevaluate our issues around intimacy, worth, beauty. Usually this amounts to movie flops, regrettable haircuts, the resurfacing of old lovers, zits, breakups, and frozen bank accounts—basically, tons of romantic and financial drama, as well as aesthetic faux pas. But because we’re all sheltering in place and this retrograde is taking place in Gemini, which governs communication and technology (o the irony), we’re in for a very fucking wild ride.

We’re already on Month 2 of being profoundly unkempt. We’re already on Month 2 of a stressful incubation with whomever we’re stuck with—including ourselves. And we’re already at on Month 2 of widespread unemployment and Illness with a federal government that does not give a fig about the 99 percent. Things are about to get downright desperate.

Inside Me (dirty)

So what’s the fix? Nothing short-term. But we may begin the long and arduous process of unlearning materialism, including transactional attitudes around love and friendship. For this may be the impetus we need to accept the glory of our unadorned selves–those indoor selves we’re all debuting–and move into a true economy of love. Yes, that sounds like a lot of bollocks. But like I said: I don’t lie. So dry your tears, wash your face, and let your un-dyed, un-styled locks fly. I’m here if you need me. Better yet: So is your own best self.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy