Tarot Lesson: The Hermit Card

In every one of my readings over the last week, I have drawn the Hermit. Typically this card is met by a scowl or a sigh from clients, and I understand why. Just its name evokes an enforced period of isolation, even a banishment—a feeling that’s all too familiar by Month 6 of Quarantime. But while few want the Hermit in the position of, say, future love, it generally receives as unfair a rap as Virgo, the sign it represents.

Really, both represent the divine inner teacher. Yes, to connect to such an energy we must withdraw from quotidian life—but only so we can activate our unique wisdom, the voice we can’t hear until all other chatter and clatter subsides. I believe the reason this card has been so prevalent is that the world has finally slowed down enough for us to hear and heed our highest selves, what some call the soul. Thus we are finally drawing on timeless resources that were not valued in our pre-Covid culture—namely, patience, wisdom (rather than wits), and universal compassion. So while my clients groan, I smile. And then I explain. Slowly….

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy