Astro PSA: The Great Conjunction

Tomorrow is winter solstice, the most sacred day of the year. Here in 2020 it will be sacred on steroids because it coincides with the Great Conjunction, a super-charged astrological rarity whose magic I urge you meet halfway.

Jupiter, the king of good fortune and expansion, and Saturn, the karmic teacher and taskmaster, will be meeting up more closely than they have since the year 1623—and they’ll be doing so at zero degrees Aquarius. Zero degrees always indicate a beginning, and Aquarius is the sign of innovation and humanism, so we are beginning a new cycle of human development—one with a more technically and ideologically progressive bent. Since this is occurring on the darkest day of the year—when the divine mystery is most manifest—tomorrow will be transformative indeed. In fact, we all have been feeling these effects for days already; just look at the headlines. Miracles are to be expected, and our intuitive abilities are profoundly enhanced. (Make sure to record your dreams.)

So how we can embrace this energy? First, accept that the more we project upon this event, the more we’ll miss its magic. Instead, surrender to its wonder with what the yogis call “beginner’s mind.” This should be super easy because these two planets will glow gorgeously in what will appear as one singularly bright star. So over the next 24 hours clear your favorite space. Drink plenty of warm water. Eat lightly and healthfully. Take a salt bath. Avoid unnecessary activity and chatter. Stay offline and minimize your use of electricity and chemicals. Candles are helpful. So is sage. So is simply staying still. Basically, make yourself as neutral a channel as you can. Then tomorrow night, ogle this beauty outside for as long as you can. Even if it is overcast, you will feel its extraordinary pull. Place your feet firmly on the ground and let its glory move through the crown of your head and down into the earth’s core. Even after you go inside, stay quiet, unplugged, and candlelit. Be part of this force.

Don’t photograph this event. Don’t social media it. Don’t talk about it or even talk to it. Definitely don’t petition it, because trying to dictate these experiences only diffuses their brilliance. Simply look, listen, and marvel. Because change isn’t coming anymore. Change is here. Let it shine uniquely as you.

Health permitting, I will lead a brief mediation and prayer session tomorrow at 7pm on IG Live to gather our energies. You are all welcome and you are all, always, loved.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy