Astro PSA: Full Moon in Virgo

Clear out your schedule—at least emotionally—because today’s full moon takes place in Virgo. Often misunderstood as obsessive and controlling, Virgo is really about Divine Mother energy—purification, healing, and service. Coupled with Venus and Sun in Pisces (the other big healer of the Zodiac) and that no-joke Uranus-Saturn square invoking systemic changes, this is an ideal time to purify through trauma release techniques, meditation, prayer—and holistic cleaning products, if you’ve got them. Drink warm lemon water. Clear out a cabinet. Make a list of ways to practically demonstrate care. And take a a big, voluptuous bath. You may feel unusually antsy or experience a resurgence of plaguing physical and emotional symptoms over the next weeks, but rest assured it’s just a detox. The key is to go gently and methodically. It’s the Virgo way.
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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy