The Big-Bunny Love of Libra Full Moon

Here in New York, today was quiet and rainy, cozy rather than glamorous. Hardly what you’d expect of a full moon– a supermoon, no less. But that’s the vibe of this Libra moon, which focuses on intimacy and communication of the heart.

Conjuncting the sun in Aries and wounded healer Chiron and occurring near the Venus Star Point, 2021’s best day for romance and financial affairs, this lunar moment is so powerful it doesn’t require fireworks to announce its arrival. Instead, it subsumes us, gently but firmly revealing misalignments in our relationships and exposing gaslighting everywhere. This worm moon, as it is also known, makes love by any means necessary.

For a full-moon ritual that facilitates old-soul connections. I recommend standing outdoors or by a window and breathing deeply into the lower abdomen with feet shoulder-length apart and flat on the ground. Choose a relationship from your life. It doesn’t have to be a romance, just one that is important to you. The person can be alive or passed over, from your past or present, or even someone you’d like in your future. Invite this person to energetically join you. Continue to breathe, and notice what changes occur in your body as you summon this spirit. Envision them beside you beneath this night sky. How do you connect? How don’t you? Allow yourself to relax more deeply by sending the breath down to the soles of your feet. Then open your mouth, speak the words: “I want…” and listen to what comes out next. You know who else will be listening? Mama moon. She’s here to serve. So are we.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy