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Ass-trological PSA: Goodbye, Lemons

lemonadeAs of Thursday, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury all will be retrograde, a quintuple whammy that almost never takes place. I don’t hate retrogrades–they amplify the power of a planet until we submit to its lessons, basically–but business as usual is out the window. Expect deep, pattern-changing work in most areas of your life: Saturn is the harsh teacher; Pluto is the god of the unconscious; Mars is the god of war; fleet-footed Mercury governs communication and travel; and Jupiter rules, well, everything. Of course, of course: Back up your electronics, buy insurance, and serve plenty of cream with your coffee in even the simplest of exchanges. But more than that, serious paradigm-shifting is in order. As we’ve already seen (Prince, Beyoncé, the primary), it’s time to make the lemonade.

What Looms Too Large

02979381102462b396cda16f020bb23cI can’t shake the feeling that these last lunar eclipses took no prisoners. I could not reel myself in and no one around me seemed able to curtail their worst impulses, either. Not to mention all the losses over the last few days–2016’s death toll was already too long–and the fact that nothing feels settled. My kitchen is a mess, my to-do list is dauntingly long, my future feels fuzzy, my empty bed looms too large, and these gorgeous caftans I keep collecting (I found another great one on my trip to the Cape) may be dissolving the last vestiges of my girlhood. Continue Reading →

Moon Marching, Clocks Stopped

Today is the Chinese New Year and the beginning of a new moon cycle. I have not talked or written much in a week. Life is difficult in a way that is not aided by narration. It is difficult in a stop the clocks way, though that is not my story to tell. I have been in Massachusetts, and Gracie has been, too. Bringing her with me has proved ill-advised though she behaved beautifully in her carrier. She’s such a polite kitty. Sometimes I speak about her archly but the truth is I never feel alone so long as she is by my side; she is the truest of companions.

That said, my overfamiliar only loves me, which makes catsitting her problematic. She does not like when others visit when I am not home. She does not like staying in others’ homes when they are there, especially when I am not.

I brought her with me to Massachusetts as an experiment of sorts. Could I leave her with my goddaughters and their father in the Greater Boston Area while their mom and I journeyed further into New England for our annual mid-winter adventure? As it happens, it was a failed experiment. Circumstances drastically shifted, and I stayed with the girls while their parents braved the New England blizzard to face a different kind of storm. A bluer one. Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy