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Sea Goat, Still

Mercury retrograde begins today, just in time for the challah-daze and the electoral college to cast their vote. Yes, yes: back up your electronics, buy travel insurance, release all expectations of business as usual. But because this retrograde is taking place in old-soul, mastermind Capricorn, accept that this will be a quiet, contemplative time–a moment of sobriety metaphorically if not literally. The retrograde doesn’t end until January 8, so I’d advise shying away from serious decadence, especially for New Years Eve. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to reflect on the hardest year in recent memory—the lessons learned, the paths to build. Embrace the energy of the sea goat rather than the mountain goat, which is to say: pursue spiritual wisdom rather than earthly gains. As always, I send love and light to all.

Humpday Honey

Humpday–governed by this week’s best friend Mercury–tends to be my least favorite day of the week. As a writer, I feel terrible anxiety when it rolls around, a compulsion to write the Most Beautiful Thing that unsurprisingly often goes awry. With Mercury retrograde already looming and the Gemini full moon still radiating its glow, I figured last night would be best if “kept simple, stupid.” I got acupunked; then, clad in layers of fur and legwarmers, wandered through my Italian-American neighborhood, admiring the Christmas lights it does so right. Ella Fitzgerald came on my shuffle a lot, which was a good sign in terms of seriously garbled cheer; take that, wordsmith Mercury! After emerging from a Vine Wine burgundy tasting, I felt like I’d finally made my peace. “Hello, old pal,” I actually said aloud upon seeing this snow globe of a frenemy moon.

Mercury, Mercury, Mercury!

Today’s full moon in Gemini—which occurred at 1:04 EST but whose energy abounds all day—exactly conjuncts the asteroid Chaos. Especially since we’re already under the shadow of Mercury Retrograde (it officially begins December 19), communication—governed by Mercury, which is also Gemini’s ruling planet—is bound to be a whirling dervish. So just let it all out. Say what you need to say, worry about making sense later, and know that all that will remain when the moondust settles is what you need, not what you want. (#Saturn opposes this full moon, and that schoolmarm means business.) My one other piece of advice: Make love your means, not merely your end. It’ll help this not-so-sweet medicine go down

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy