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Good Morning, Starshine

Honest to Godfrey, as my mother used to say, these ever-earlier sunrises are making me so happy. I went to sleep last night saddled with a bevy of real-deal worries but woke with an enormous grin plastered across my features. Even at 6:15 the world was shining, the sky was rosy, and my little cat’s tiger eyes were gleaming with the pleasure I felt as well. I just love how, no matter how firmly entrenched winter still seems to be, the sun keeps greeting us a few minutes earlier each day. And while nothing is finer than clear, early morning sunshine, the real reason this makes me so glad is because it highlights my favorite fact: As long as we are on this planet, we are sure to experience change–and not all of it will be bad.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, So Much So Fast

The little I knew Philip Seymour Hoffman was from my gym, of all places. A struggle radiated from him in all his best performances, in his relationship to drugs and alcohol, even while we tried (miserably) to get in shape on adjacent treadmills. What distinguished him most was how valiantly he took us along on that struggle. It feels disrespectful to how effectively he worked while he was alive to say “what a waste,” though many no doubt will be inclined to do so. But he will be greatly missed, and I feel sorrow that we’ve been reminded in such a tragic way that sobriety is nothing that ever can be taken for granted.

Lux Lotus and Ruby Intuition for a New Year

Savvy media strategist and girl-about-town Lauren Cerand and I discussed my intuition practice for her blog, the swoony Lux Lotus. We covered everything under the pale winter sun, from the invention of timepieces to the superior psychic abilities of animals, and suffice it to say that she is so awfully brilliant that she makes everyone else seem so as well. Do check it out, kittens.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy