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Astro PSA! The Practical Magic of Taurus

Today marks the beginning of Taurus season and Taurus is the change we need to see in the world. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of loving resources, this sign’s calling card is practical magic—the miracle that naturally transpires when we move faithfully into the unknown no matter what we fear and what troubles we carry. Taurus understands that to bloom, we must first dig deep—into the earth, into ourselves, into all that is buried.

Taurus can be thought of as lazy, but she merely refuses to expend precious resources on undeserving outlets. Above all, Taurus refuses to be rushed. She has her own time—not unlike quarantime—and takes however long is necessary to do a job not just right but beautifully.

On this first day of Taurus’s time to shine, consider what tasks we are still asking ourselves to complete. Do they confer compassion, concrete care, and/or joy? If not, maybe they’re not as necessary as we thought.

This is my favorite time of the year, one of gentle, gorgeous growth that not even a pandemic can touch. Beauty—the miracle of anything and anybody in its natural, optimal state— is everywhere, and my intuition and tarot readings focus on how we may individually channel it, not unlike a sunflower flourishing in a sidewalk crack. So book a session for yourself or a loved one. No one is turned away due to lack of resources— and watch for the new tarot love spread I’ve devised to channel the Venetian energy of this month!

Now We Must Listen

Here in the last stretch of Mercury Retrograde, which officially ends March 10, we are mere weeks from Ostara (March 19)–the astrological new year as well as the beginning of spring, glorious spring. During this quiet nascent time, the line between death and life is as blurred as the line between winter and spring. Notice it in the stirring of the air, suddenly fresher, suddenly sweeter; in the quality and length of daylight; and at dusk–magic hour, my favorite hour, when we are held by everything to come as well as what’s come before.

It is as Alexander McCall Smith writes: The voices of the dead—you can hear them still, if you listen hard enough. Late people talking, like children after lights-out: the faint, distant voices of our ancestors.Now is not the time to act. It is the time to listen–to the earth, to the ancestors, to each other. For any true-soul guidance in these dark times.

Of Homographic Utopias and Dowager Chic (The Sound Inside, Terminator: Dark Fate)

Critic drag with co-panelist Jack Rico.

Yesterday was kind of brilliant. The boys and I taped an episode of Talking Pictures, and for the first time since the show migrated from Spectrum to PBS achieved the right balance of jocularity and specificity. Which is to say: I got my points across with some style and minimal manterruption, and we all laughed a lot.

Link to come shortly.

Afterward I had enough cash in my pocket to eat out properly, so I joined up with my friend Little Lisa. In generosity of spirit and strength of mind she is no way little, but as we share a first name and I grew up in an Italian-American neighborhood where people of the same name are distinguished by the prefix “Big” or “Little,” Little Lisa she is. To be fair, LL is 7 inches shorter than me and a good 16 years younger.

Big of heart, though, believe me.

Once upon a time we worked together at NY1–she was often the only other broad in the studio when I was on set–but these days she’s a fancy lady producer at a major network and I’m, well–that’s a good question. What am I right now? Continue Reading →

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy