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The Church of Prince and the Revolution

Today is the 62nd birthday of Prince Roger Nelson. Anyone who reads this blog knows that he’s part of a holy trinity for me, the other two members being Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. But not everyone realizes that our astrological charts continue to affect others long after we die. This is important because our Lord in Purple hailed from Minneapolis, the heart of America’s broken heartland, where George Floyd was so flagrantly and unrepentantly executed by law enforcement officials that his murder launched a worldwide revolution. Had he been alive Prince surely would have been the first to raise holy hell. He loved his hometown fiercely–never really left–and was so down for revolution that he named his band after it. If the depth of his social justice commitment was not fully recognized during his lifetime, that’s only because he kept many of his good works behind the scenes. Which only makes me love him more.

His genius was recognized, though, and it continues to offer a collective intimacy necessary to fight the good fight, because it continues to remind us how unique and desirable we all are–how worth fighting for. Trust that he would be on the forefront of today’s protest lines today were he alive. And trust that he is moving just as powerfully behind the scenes today— composing the perfect lyric, backbeat, howl to raise us from the ashes of institutionalized white supremacy.

So I believe that on his 62nd solar return—when a person’s energy is most felt— we may still call on Prince for support, practical magic, and inspiration. Indeed, may this poly-everything, third-eye-winking, putting-the-Gem-in-Gemini reign as the sign of our times. Purple love to all on this turbulent Sunday in America.

Psalm in the Key of Stevie

Happy happy Stevie Wonder Day! I worked so much today that I was tempted to let his birthday pass without mention. Then I realized: Not honoring his birthday would be downright disrespectful. For in his music and message of love, he generously godparents all of us who need raising. With intergalactic expertise and joy and innovation, he has for six decades created beautiful shared space with a brilliant disregard for form, format or obstacles. More than that, he’s offered a flawless model of how the Divine Feminine need not be channeled by a female body (cis- or otherwise). For in his body (of work) thrives the radical receptivity, creativity, and limitless loving-kindness of Venus. Even his saddest songs hold us—maybe hold us best—and always always he reminds us that there is more beauty to be found, laughter to spill, solace to be shared. In this moment of great upheaval, he is one of the greatest living channels we still have–one that’s forever lifting us to higher ground rather than leading us by the nose. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Listen to “All is Fair in Love” and try not to cry. Actually, do cry. Because when Stevie offers that level of communion, it’s ungrateful to refuse it.

Clap Your Hands, Here Comes Ella

All hail Ella Fitzgerald, who would have turned 103 today and whose practical magic we all need. Hard-working and ever-radiant, Lady Fitzgerald was a true Taurus goddess who never wallowed in despair no matter how rough life could be. Instead, she dove into those hard places and brought us all back up with her, channeling them only to deepen the joy that rang in her every song. With Ella, there were never “too many notes” because her spirit knew no bounds. So if you’re feeling blue on this Saturday spring night—and who among us is not?—put her on your emotional turntable. Soon enough you’ll look like Dizzy in this picture—swooning over her peony-explosion of a voice, the spring eternal in her scat.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy