Happy Witch Weekend! (Samhain Blue Moon)

Happy witch weekend, dear ones! Not only is today Halloween, the “Coven Christmas,” and Samhain, the festival celebrating the end of harvest and the beginning of the “darker” half of the year. Today is also crowned by a blue moon—the second full moon within a month, named for its rarity and amplified power of release. Known as the Samhain moon, this full moon is in root-building Taurus and is intersected by lightening-bolt Uranus, the rebel who shakes up the status quo. So expect the unexpected, even for Halloween, and open up to the up-ending, especially when it comes to blood lines and—because Taurus is ruled by Venus—love lines. My advice? Ask your guides and dearly departed for as much specific information as you wish. Meditate and journal to fully receive their downloads. And then tomorrow—All Soul’s Day—thank them in whatever way is most meaningful to you.
All Saturday and Sunday I am conducting tarot and intuition readings to access this powerful portal to the next world. Some slots are still available, so book a Ruby Intuition session!


Babies, I know we’re all tired, angry, and scared. But there’s good news, and I’m honored to deliver it. Over the next two days, the veil between this world and the next is totally lifted, granting us unprecedented power in a year of unprecedented upheaval. October 31 and November 1—Halloween and All Soul’s Day—are always portals to the spirit world, the plane on which our guides and ancestors reside. But in 2020 this portal coincides with a Samhain full moon during the last few days of Mercury Retrograde. This is a uniquely charged time in which we can directly connect to those who always shore us but we rarely see. Am I saying we’ll get to chat up our dead grandmother, the goddesses to whom we pray? Not exactly. But right now we can channel their support, guidance, and power with a voltage we rarely can summon. This means they can help in the upcoming election. That they can blow out our personal, political, spiritual, and professional blocks. And that they can activate the practical magic we rarely even recognize within ourselves.

I’m going to put it bluntly. I already have readings scheduled but I want to read all freaking weekend in order to help me help you. For when I tune in to other’s higher’s planes during such times I learn so much about how I may better conjure on everyone’s behalf. So if you’ve been thinking of scheduling a reading or if you’re just feeling underwhelmed by your Halloween prospects, please schedule a Ruby Intuition Zoom reading or dream session for yourself or a loved one. Also spread the word if you’re so inspired! This lifted veil can teach us to lift ourselves just when we need it most.

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Invasion of the Cat Lady Snatchers

Watching 70s horror on Criterion with Grace, drinking ginger tea, wearing a velvet robe, smiling. Because today one neighbor in my building lent me a wonderful book, another installed a new paper towel dispenser in my kitchen, and I helped a third fetch groceries. Which is to say: I feel bathed in care. There have been so many terrible things about 2020, but one wonderful thing is that for the first time in my 27 years as a New Yorker, I have let down my guard and connected to people who live in close proximity to me. Trust me: This is a major shift for this proud domestic isolationist. What happened was this: when the pandemic got real, the annoying millennials in my building left and ones I hadn’t known were lovely stayed and more lovely people moved in, and at first we all acted like a team out of necessity and now we’re just friends with our own text message thread even. I’m sure I’ll be the scary cat lady again at some point when they’re loud and I’m sleeping but for now I have traded the luxury of NYC anonymity for something warmer and cozier, and I am safer and a little more happily seen as a result. This seems like a metaphor for something not bad, it really does. And in a year of so much pain and so much loss and so many cold hearts, all mitzvahs deserve mention and anything not bad must be embraced. That got simpler, anyway.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy