The Church of Rose Petals and Mother May I

Cherry blossoms in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Kehinde Wiley’s fancy ladies at the Brooklyn Museum of Art on Friday; lilacs and Lady Liberty yesterday morning; and, for good measure, a Beltaine ritual last night, with Aphrodite and rose petals and glitter and Stevie Nicks and persimmons and crimson-clad NYC fairywimmin and the High Priestess Magdalene (always Magdalene). I’ve cleaned my home with lavender and tea tree oil and saged every corner; I’ve bathed under the sexy Scorpio full moon in a tub filled with rose oil and the goddess circle-blessed petals. Mama May, Madre Miracle, Mothers Mary, I’ve honored your divine feminine with every cell of my brightened being. Now I gratefully bask in your scarlet kundalini–just what the magic back doctor ordered.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy