Belting to the Bleachers

Yesterday had many lows but one enormous highlight, which occurred when my companion referenced “like, the telephone switchboard scene in that weird 50s movie.” “Aha!” I said, and, fingers snapping, belted out a stanza of “Telephone Hour” from Bye Bye Birdie: “WHAT’S THE STORY, MORNING GLORY? WHAT’S THE WEEEERD, HUMMINGBIRD? DID YOU HEAR ABOUT HUGO AND KIM? DID THEY REALLY GET PINNED? DID SHE KISS HIM AND CRY? DID HE PUT THE PIN ON? OR WAS HE TOO SHY?” His dismay, which grew palpable as I went on to joyously warble the whole score, only increased my joy. Musical theater nerdery requires no external approbation. Good thing, too.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy