On Reading for Men: Asked and Answered

Do you read for dudes?

The truth? Yes, but it wasn’t until the last month or so that people who identified as men began to regularly request Ruby Intuition readings. So why now? Maybe because the destabilization of Month 6 of Covid and Year 3 of Trump’s Reign is hitting guys (cis and trans) especially hard. Even in 2020, many are conditioned to feel worthy only when they’re financially and emotionally supporting others—or at least when they can contain their big emotions no matter how lost they feel.

In my practice I am bearing witness to men who feel such overwhelm that—well, that they’re willing to come see me. So what do I offer? Compassionate, comprehensive clarity about the future as well as the past, not to mention the culturally elusive value of divine masculinity, which entails solicitous action and selfless service, and is just as essential as divine femininity. (Integrated people channel both.) The good news? In the long run, this widespread upheaval will pave the way for healthier relationships and healthier hearts.

There’s a reason heart attacks fell more men.

In the meantime, I am deeply honored by the beautiful vulnerability I am experiencing in all my clients. As Alice Walker has so rightfully said: “The way forward is with a broken heart.”

To schedule a reading for yourself or a loved one, book here. Painting by Alice Neel, doctored by yours truly.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy