Astro PSA: New Moon in Virgo

A new moon rose at 4am EST today, but you’d be forgiven for sleeping through it. The sun is also in this sign, and Virgo, while occasionally a nag, has a beautiful bedside manner. Yes, there’s big change in the air—a sudden autumnal crispness, the blessing (mitzvah!) of tomorrow’s Jewish New Year, the terror looming on the American landscape. But this new moon is less about fireworks and full-steam-ahead energy than subtle transitions.

Trining soul-builder Saturn squaring a retrograding Mars, it’s here to nudge us into modest but meaningful shifts, especially in areas of work and communication. So meditate for a minute on small tweaks that can improve the state of your life and the collective good. Can you call swing state voters? Walk a daily, unplugged mile outdoors? Learn a new recipe rather than order more takeout? Grocery shop for an overwhelmed neighbor? While the world is exploding all around us, let’s cultivate this new moon’s slow-moving service and grace. Because sometimes the subtle shifts are the most powerful.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy