Astro PSA: Uranus-Saturn Square

Enormous Changes at the Last Minute. It’s the title of one of the most fabulous short story collections of all time. (All hail activist and author Grace Paley.). It’s also the perfect tagline for the Uranus-Saturn Square, a powerful event that only occurs every 22 years and is dominating 2021.

Astrological “squares” create tension between two planets, and this one entails karmic taskmaster Saturn in freedom-loving Aquarius and rebel Uranus in solid-citizen Taurus. Translation? Tensions galore between innovation and tradition—between old and new power systems. So if 2020 revealed our personal and public shadows, this square destroys the institutions that uphold them.

It will be exact three times this year—December 24, June 14 and—you guessed it!—today. Already we’re experiencing higher levels of restlessness, irritability, and sleeplessness, not to mention the breakdown of the electrical grid in Texas and the death of a certain conservative radio host whose name shalt go unmentioned. For the rest of the year we can expect more massive upheaval. In our economy, government, and environment, we’ll usher in new currencies or unprecedented disasters. (Sorry for the doomsaying.) On a personal level, the more we hang onto what makes us feel safe, the more we will suffer.

The universe is forcing us to leap into the future and stop fetishizing the past, and the impossible is inevitable in both great and terrible ways. Your best bet? Take whatever steps you can to meet this change halfway.

Note: Between this square and the tail end of Mercury retrograde, this is an ideal time to book an intuitive reading.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy