Readings Update: The Bar Is Open!

Thanks in large part to your support and patience, I am once giving Ruby Intuition readings—you can book here—and I am so excited to reconnect with you. The guidance I received during my hiatus has inspired me to shift my practice, and I wanted to share details here.

First-time clients may schedule 75-minute intuitive readings, which draw on astrology, tarot, breathwork, and information I receive beforehand to identify your tools and best paths. Intuitive readings are also recommended for birthdays (solar returns) and major turning points. In between intuitive readings, I am available for 40-minute intuitive guidance sessions, in which we tackle your issue, question, or dream using whichever tools—tarot cards, astrological chart, breath and energy work, even cultural resources—best support your joy and expansion.

Because I aim to more deeply activate your intuition and growth, I no longer am offering tarot-only readings. As well, because I have determined that the two-dimensionality of Zoom does not best support the many frequencies of intuitive work, I am conducting sessions by phone rather than Zoom. (Intuitive readings begin with Zoom so we may establish an initial visual connection.)

This is a big shift so please trust that I respect whatever resistance you may feel. But please also trust that my aim at all times is to facilitate your expansion in a way that respects and enhances all of our resources. With folded palms, slow kitty blinks, and so much love, I look forward to tuning in for you again.

As of today, my schedule is open so please book here if you are interested. Rates are also available through link. Art from top: Kyp Malone, ChinaDoll. 

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy