Aries Season Is Growing Season

Here in New York, this weekend’s weather promises to be cool and rainy—growing weather, my grandmother would have called it. These sort of weekends are ideal for the deep-root work that liberates us to bloom like the most fragrant peonies, the loveliest lilacs. In Aries Season, intuitive readings are led by our littlest selves— the parts of us who must be re-integrated into our daily lives if we’re to activate the practical magic that is our birthright. Some of these parts aren’t easy but it’s my honor as an intuitive to reflect how endearing they also are.

All nature is absolutely beautiful art and so are we.

Of course there’s always the metaphysician-heal-thyself factor. Lately my fifth chakra has been blocked. This may seem unlikely, given that I’ve worked as a critic and TV commentator for decades and that talking is the backbone of my work as a medium. But when it comes to expressing my own truths—which is what this chakra governs—I’ve been at a crossroads for months, if not years. Case in point: I’ve been procrastinating revising my memoir of being a child psychic though I finished the first draft before Lockdown. It’s an issue of vulnerability, if you really want to get into it. The idea of putting my youngest self on the chopping block has scared me so much that it’s also frozen me in other ways (such as my back, where third chakra is working overtime to protect my most unprotected self).

So every night I’ve been opening this blocked energy center by serenading my tiny feline familiar. No matter how out of tune I am and how cross she feels (usually because I’ve been unwilling to share all the salmon), the songs open up my throat chakra and soothe my savage beast. And by savage beast I mean my terrified inner child, of course. Gracie is an angel, always will be.

If you’re having a hard time expressing what’s in your heart or feeling stuck, I highly recommend you try singing as well. Most of us were taught to be ashamed if we didn’t have professional-quality voices, but long before we became a nation of listeners and watchers, singing was an integral part of worship, socializing, and healing. Your voice doesn’t have to be perfect—just perfectly you.

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"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy