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The Big-Bunny Love of Libra Full Moon

Here in New York, today was quiet and rainy, cozy rather than glamorous. Hardly what you’d expect of a full moon– a supermoon, no less. But that’s the vibe of this Libra moon, which focuses on intimacy and communication of the heart.

Conjuncting the sun in Aries and wounded healer Chiron and occurring near the Venus Star Point, 2021’s best day for romance and financial affairs, this lunar moment is so powerful it doesn’t require fireworks to announce its arrival. Instead, it subsumes us, gently but firmly revealing misalignments in our relationships and exposing gaslighting everywhere. This worm moon, as it is also known, makes love by any means necessary.

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Breakfast’s on Me, Mr. Reiner

Not everyone realizes that our astrology remains active after our deaths—so much so that departed public figures often surge back into the limelight during important transits in their charts. I mention this because I woke Saturday morning flashing on the great director, writer, comedian, and activist Carl Reiner, who died last summer at age 98—only a day after after his last big-hearted, big-brained Tweet and only a few months before Biden beat Trump, whom he loathed as much as he loved Mel Brooks. Before beginning the day’s vernal equinox intuition readings, I turned on Reiner’s HBO documentary—the brilliantly titled If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast—and was immediately drawn into its overall message: “To stay alive, you must stay in love.” The whole film—really, his whole life—was about how finding and committing to passions was the way to survive and thrive. As I read for clients that day, I could sense Reiner’s delighted laugh and sharp gaze, and it added old-school razzmatazz to our sessions. Of course when I looked up his solar return, it was March 20—that very day. With that old soul and beginner’s mind, he was a true king of the Pisces-Aries cusp. Happy belated birthday, Mr. Reiner. We’re still learning from your love.

The Softening of Spring (Ostara 2021)

Today is Ostara, the vernal equinox, the first day of spring. It is the year’s most powerful burst of energy, a magnificent roaring fire. In the pagan and astrological calendars, it is also the first day of the new year—when Mother Earth officially springs back to life. This is more relevant than it has ever been, for this last year has been the most draining—the cruelest, the most frightening, the most enraging— many of us can remember. Ordinarily this is the time for revelry and pageantry but let us embrace this spring as a softening—of the soil, the air, our hearts.

Take a moment to go outside, turn to the heavens, and imagine the world to which you’d like to return. How will you reclaim freedom and joy? Better yet, how will you serve it? Breathe into this new space, and gently request your highest spirit to build it out. Then tomorrow, if you have the means, plant a garden. Even one plant on your fire escape will help. Even one seed. We all need the wonder of something new and sustaining. We all need practical magic. Happy spring, sweet and salty friends. I bid you beautiful change.

This is an extraordinary time to divine new paths and release roadblocks. Schedule an intuitive reading this week.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy