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Superstorm Full Moon!

It’s Superstorm Sunday—and I’m not just talking about the weather but also the astrology, AKA the “whether.” Early this morning we had a full moon in networking Aquarius—a sign ruled by shit-stirring Uranus. Opposing the Sun in treat-me-right Leo, this moon sashays with Jupiter, Mr. Amplification. Translation? Drama-drama-drama in social dynamics— especially when it comes to transactional behavior masquerading as simple support. Very “breakdown, breakthrough” vibes since last night. My advice? Unless you’re spoiling for a fight or feeling especially open to reckonings, avoid social contact except to send magical carrier pigeons bearing chocolate and whiskey. Tomorrow will be a lot calmer, as Virgo Season begins tonight and the moon enters all-is-one Pisces. But if you have to deal with other people today—well, as my Masshole grandma used to say: “Good luck to you and the Red Sox.”

The Weather Report

People are always DMing me: Is it just me or is something going on with the stars? So I’ve created a text-message service to answer that question on any given day, using your birthdate and a tarot card I draw while tuning into you.

The way it works is simple. 1. Fill out this form (It requests your name, DOB, and a sentence about why you’re asking–i.e., you’re feeling anxious; wondering if it’s a good day to ask out your crush; simple curious.) 2. Venmo $30 (handle: lisa-rosman; requested digits: 4575). 3. Within an hour (usually less), I’ll message back specific guidance about how the stars are affecting your day’s prospects; what is further revealed by the tarot card I pull on your behalf; a screenshot of that card for meditation purposes; and how to make the most of whatever shows up!

If you’ve received a Ruby Intuition intuitive reading in the past, I’ll check your astrological chart; if not, I will use your sign and age though feel free to include your moon and ascendant if you know it. Rest assured that you’ll receive a lot of info either way!

How is this different from other astrological offerings? It’s practical and personal. Trust that I’ll alert you to any activity that’s an especially bad or good call, and how the tarot card specifically applies to your question. Also: if I don’t see any big astrological aspects gumming up your works, I’ll be honest. Magic never works without honesty, and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

To streamline this process, your form and Venmo donation ($30; handle: lisa-rosman) are required for my response. Hours of inquiry: 7:30am-2pm EST. No additional messages guaranteed and only short-term questions answered. To chart your optimal path over a longer timeline, book an intuitive reading.

Check your “whether” today! Fill out the form here; Venmo here!

Astro PSA: Full Moon in Capricorn

Today’s astrology recalls a stanza from my favorite Jane Kenyon poem: Let evening come as it will, and don’t be afraid/ God does not leave us comfortless. While the sun is in Cancer, we’re invested in keeping things cozy, but tonight’s full moon in stern-daddy Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is invested in our coming correct. It may be scary to step into the unknown, but hanging on to what no longer serves is never comfortable in the long run. So today is for decluttering hearths and hearts—in-boxes, relationships, routines. If you don’t, the moon just might take matters in her own hands—but she won’t leave you comfortless.

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