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Just a Very Virgo Season Blurt

You know what’s not discussed enough? Women who don’t demand fair wages because they live off their partners or inherited wealth. It is a very problematic issue through a feminist lens, yet often not broached because there are so many taboos around talking about money and class, and because self-esteem is so tied to salary.

Women who work for less than they should set a precedent–perpetuate one, really–that makes it a lot harder for the rest of us who demand equal pay. They reinforce the assumption that women’s work need not be taken seriously. And they disrespect all the women who fought long and hard for the Equal Pay Act.

This is not just a political issue. I see this as a spiritual issue, because energy that is not adequately replenished disrupts the order of everything. Work must be honored–and in a capitalist society, adequate financial compensation is an essential expression of that honor.

It’s amazing this issue still surfaces so frequently. It is an example of something else that doesn’t get discussed enough: toxic femininity.*

*Dudes, I am no more interested in you taking up this phrase than I am accepting of how you misapply “Karen” as an all-purpose term to write off women. Redirect that impulse into developing your divine masculinity.

Virgo Season Begins, You’re Welcome

Virgo season began last night, and we should all be glad about that. This sign often gets dismissed as anal and controlling, even cheap, Really, Virgos are the truest healers of the zodiac and some of the most extraordinary and resourceful creatives. Virgos understand that Goddess is in the details and that love is a verb. Sure, sometimes they don’t see the forest for the trees but they actually get the job done, son. More than that, they know practical magic is rooted in working problems—in work, period–and that actions speak louder than words. So while I enjoy the pleasures and grand scale of Leo season—who doesn’t?—I am always grateful for Virgo’s diligence as summer draws to a close. Her ethos of mindful economy, of service privileged over credit, and of heart over ego is one our whole country needs. To be of good use is a tremendous honor, and Virgo reminds us of this joy.

Virgo Season always emphasizes personal callings and practical magic; to activate yours, book a reading for yourself or loved one through biolink. For personally tailored daily guidance, get your Whether Report. Pictured here: Gene Kelly, born on this day 111 years ago and a poster boy for hard-working genius.

Superstorm Full Moon!

It’s Superstorm Sunday—and I’m not just talking about the weather but also the astrology, AKA the “whether.” Early this morning we had a full moon in networking Aquarius—a sign ruled by shit-stirring Uranus. Opposing the Sun in treat-me-right Leo, this moon sashays with Jupiter, Mr. Amplification. Translation? Drama-drama-drama in social dynamics— especially when it comes to transactional behavior masquerading as simple support. Very “breakdown, breakthrough” vibes since last night. My advice? Unless you’re spoiling for a fight or feeling especially open to reckonings, avoid social contact except to send magical carrier pigeons bearing chocolate and whiskey. Tomorrow will be a lot calmer, as Virgo Season begins tonight and the moon enters all-is-one Pisces. But if you have to deal with other people today—well, as my Masshole grandma used to say: “Good luck to you and the Red Sox.”

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy