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Astro PSA: Virgo Season in a Pandemic

Isn’t it funny that Virgo season begins at the end of August, when most of us are at our absolute laziest? In fact, I’ve been so lazy that just crafting this post felt like more exertion than I could handle. But that’s exactly why we need this sign.

The hardest worker in the zodiac, Virgo can kick us into gear even when temperatures soar into the 90s and we’re in Month 6 of a pandemic. As a mutable sign, she’s hardly the OCD queen some claim her to be. It’s just that she understands Goddess is in the details, and that straight-ahead service and solicitude is at the backbone of every calling. Truly, she is the finest healer we have and admirably modest no matter how fabulous she may be. After the radical recharging—dare I say self-indulgence?—of Leo season, only the Maiden’s focus and fortitude can keep us fighting the good fight.

So I spent the day writing this, then cleaning up links and language on, and if that isn’t Virgo season work I don’t know what is. Because this sign isn’t about big, showy actions so much as the background business that is necessary to keep the world running smoothly. Virgo is the nurse of the zodiac, and we all know the best healers in hospitals are the nurses, not the rockstar surgeons. (Sorry, Meredith Grey.) Virgos attend to the smallest details to achieve the biggest changes. That’s why during this Virgo season we must register everyone to vote, inspect every polling booth, and nitpick at every official–not to mention the US postal service itself–to lay the necessary foundation for a fair election come Scorpio season. The ultimate Virgo message: Think globally, act locally. 

To refocus, recalibrate, and rev back into your own best service, book a reading; ‘tis the season! (Pictured in this video: Virgos—some admittedly controversial—whose labors of love have changed our lives.

The Love-Strength of New Moon in Leo


A new moon is rising at exactly 10:42 EST tonight. As is always the case with new moons, we won’t see it but will feel its effects—especially since it’s taking place in Leo while the Sun is in the last hours of this regal, proud sign. Trining Mars, the god of ambition, in first-and-forward Aries, this moon is about shining however you most uniquely shine, and, since we’re cusping on do-gooder Virgo, serving however you most uniquely serve.

So far 2020 has been a long, hard year of upheaval, but this lunar cycle is about self-possession, which is the opposite of the black hole of despair and narcissism. Why? Because when we possess ourselves, we connect with our true essence—what some call the soul. And guess what? Despite what you may have heard, no soul is ugly (not even Trump’!). The problem is too often we don’t connect with our souls, which results in the destructive chaos we’re now experiencing. Quite literally, it is “unbecoming,” since real beauty is the particular glow of anything or anybody united with its highest purpose of that moment. Questions to tackle during this upcoming lunar cycle: “When am I most beautiful? And how may I impart more beauty into this world?”

Tonight, go outside and ask the moon to help you manifest what you find loveliest. If you can, go to a body of water. (Even better: go to the sea.) To help manifest this beauty, I am doing special “luna” tarot readings all afternoon and evening. Because if there ever were a night to trust your heart’s desire, it‘s this one.

To schedule a reading for yourself or a loved one, book here.

The Rosy Sparkle of Birthday Readings

It should surprise nobody that I do a lot of birthday readings during Leo season. Why? Because those born under this sign know how to treat themselves right—and this includes harnessing the extra magic of solar returns.

When asked about the ideal time to schedule a reading, I always say “trust your gut,” But I confess that while I’m always honored to tune into my clients, I especially adore the rosy sparkle of a birthday reading because that is your personal new year and there’s a lot of “good wind” around beginnings. Thus birthday readings don’t just prognosticate the future. They shape it, since we can beautifully meld our wishes with divine will when the sun is close to its location at the time of our birth. A birthday is a personal new year—only it’s not just about setting intentions. It’s about realizing them.

To schedule a reading for yourself or a loved one, book here.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy