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Not Just Another Day on the IRT

Mercury retrograde begins tomorrow and will last through January 25. This round, it’s taking place in know-it-all Capricorn and big-ideas Aquarius, which means that it’ll be a better time for making plans than executing them–and a generally terrible time for clear, direct communication. Back up your electronics, make contingency plans, slow down (make even get a reading), and above all, don’t blame everything–especially your transgressions–on Mercury Retrograde, which gets an unnecessarily bad rap. I find these periods an excellent time to hole up with a book, a fireplace, a brand-new notebook, and our personal connection to the divine intelligence of, well, everything.

Under the Gemstone Sky

Moon was void of course all day yesterday so naturally I arrived two hours early for the very long screening I had to attend on 42nd street. The good news is that flying off the beaten path is magical during these astrological downtimes. I wandered west and found a Catalan bar with a brilliant happy hour wine list and drank a pretty red while writing letters to people I love and eavesdropping on conversations in my favorite language. Ninety minutes later I emerged into the city’s splendor: velvet and gemstone night sky, high and low culture bumping shoulders, clattering high heels, the works. “Ah,” I said with no small amount of satisfaction. “This is where I live.”

Venus Retrograde Spares No Star

This may be the most annoyingly astrological and celeb-obsessed post that this former Us Weekly staffer will ever write but I can’t help being amused that Jennifer Aniston finally got remarried during the always-blighted Venus Retrograde. One look at the smug mugs she and her new spouse are sporting here and you just know that the reprieve from the sadsack single girl public persona she cultivated for 10 years is bound to be short-lived. As my grandmother used to say, “Good luck to you and the Red Sox!” Add in the recently announced Gwen Stefani-Gavin Rossdale and Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorces, not to mention the resurrection of the rumors that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett (Smith) are on the rocks, and, Ruth, you know it’s the truth: Lady Venus spares no star. I can’t pretend I don’t take solace in this fact as she guides me through the burnt embers formerly known as my love life.

"All, everything I understand, I understand only because I love."
― Leo Tolstoy